Scary Snow Globes



Walter Martin and Paloma Muñoz collaboratively create mesmerizing miniature snowbound environments and then record them in chilly color photographs. Within the simple constraints of a glass globe, the captivating images conjure up entire sequences of imaginary worlds and events. At first glance the work is playful; on closer observation, it often reveals darker narratives: lone wanderers survey the frigid landscape, people and creatures exhibit unnatural tendencies, and ill-defined crimes are committed.

Martin and Muñoz create the figures, either adapting ready-mades or shaping them out of clay and then paint and position them within environments that they also construct. The final compositions are then captured in photographs that are meticulously stitched and adjusted digitally for the final effect.   See more of their miniature macabre work HERE.







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6 thoughts on “Scary Snow Globes

  1. How do you take photo’s of them like that?? Love the depth in the pictures.

    Next step – wrecked ships in a bottle, with sailors throwing themselves over the sides…!

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