Stephen King Novella Will Appear In Summer Esquire Magazine

I spoke to Stephen King’s office yesterday about the upcoming novella entitled Morality.  According to Marsha DeFilippo, Mr. King’s assistant, the story will appear this summer in Esquire magazine possibly around July.  I’ll post more information when it becomes available.


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2 thoughts on “Stephen King Novella Will Appear In Summer Esquire Magazine

  1. Excellant news! I believe he has something due in MacSweeneys literary magazine during the summer as well (but I may be wrong.) Either way this will help as we countdown to Under the Dome (novel) coming in Fall 2009

  2. Very cool! I am just finishing Low Men In Yellow Coats from “Stephen King Goes To The Movies, and it is excellent. It’s one of the last Dark Tower extension stories I hadn’t read, and I actually think I like it even more than Everything’s Eventual”.

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