More Information On The Limited Edition Of Stephen King’s, “One For The Road”

Stephen King’s short story “One For The Road” will be released in a strictly-limited, extensively illustrated, full color hardcover edition that will be published by PS Publishing in the spring of 2009. Jim Hannah is the artist for the book.  There will be 19 color illustrations plus a wraparound cover and each of them will be two-page-spreads.  The image below is just a small taste of the beautiful art.  I will publish the cover as soon as it becomes available. According to the PS website, the only way to order the book is as follows: “The first 100 customers who order the 5-year limited edition subscription of Postscripts (their quarterly short fiction anthology) will also receive a slipcased edition of the Stephen King short story ‘One For the Road’. This publication will be strictly limited to 100 slipcased copies (available only to 5-year limited edition subscribers) and 200 regular hardcover copies (available only to 5-year regular hardcover edition subscribers).The slipcased copies will be signed by the artist but neither the slipcased, nor the regular hardcover copies will be signed by Stephen King.” The limited edition book is destined to become a sought after collectable and the fiction that PS publishes is quite good. Past issues have included the works of Stephen King, Joe Hill, Rick Hautala and Arthur C. Clarke.



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