Marvel Planning Motion Comics For iTunes

Marvel Entertainment has announced that it will release a series of “In-Motion” comics through iTunes, during a panel discussion at this week’s New York Comic Con convention. The company is working with Neal Adams and Continuity Studios to develop a new form of digital comic for iTunes, which the company is referring to as motion comics. This new breed of comic will feature panels that animate scenes, as well as spoken dialog from voice actors. A preview of an Astonishing X-Men motion comic was shown during the panel, and a new Spider-Woman series is planned as well. “We’re looking at it as a completely new project.” said artist Alex Maleev about the new Spider-Woman ongoing. “Motion comics,” he added, “require a much different process when compared to print.” No pricing or release information was revealed, although the panel did indicate that multiple prices could be an option depending upon the content.



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  1. If you’d like to see a different take on a motion/interactive comic, check out my One Strange Way site. There is a demo and a special feature video available there. The motion/interactive comic contains motion graphics, puzzles, voice audio,and bkgd music. Marvel and DC aren’t the only ones exploring the new digital possibilities for comics.

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