12-Volt Battery Hack Saves $40

Here’s a cool trick you can do with a 12-volt battery (cost= less than $2.00 for two).  When you open it up and peel back the case with a screwdriver, you’ll find eight 1.5 volt button-cell batteries, the kind you use for watches and calculators, that normally cost about $4.99 each. 

You can power six different electronic devices with the batteries you remove from just one 12-volt battery, and save about 40 bucks. 


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One thought on “12-Volt Battery Hack Saves $40

  1. HackTalk says:

    Kipkay to the rescue once again haha. Yea this has helped me out a LOT in the past when I needed a button battery and only had some 12 volts.

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