Free Presidential Marvel Digital Comics

Marvel Comics can’t seem to keep its hyper-popular Spidey and Obama team-up on the shelves, so it’s offering a free, digital version of the comic online. The fast-selling The Amazing Spider-Man No. 583, with four pages of never-before-seen prologue, went live Friday on Marvel’s digital comics site. All five variant covers are also available for viewing in the digital version.


“We were completely blown away by the overwhelming response to the ‘Spidey Meets the President‘ story line…. We thought it would a fitting way to celebrate Presidents’ Day by offering free online access to all fans to view and read the story line — including some exclusive new content — only at Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited,” said Dan Buckley, president of Marvel Publishing, in a press release. To compound the presidential party, the publisher will give away an exclusive digi-comic Monday that celebrates Abraham Lincoln’s 200th birthday. Gettysburg Distress (pictured) will also be available through Marvel’s Digital Comics Unlimited site. In the six-page special edition, Captain America and Spider-Man are on hand to witness Lincoln’s epochal Gettysburg Address. Download the comics HERE.



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