The Rubik’s Touch Cube

Techno Source recently announced the Rubik’s Touch Cube which will launch in fall 2009 for under $149.99. How does it work? Rubik’s Touch Cube features touch sensor technology on all 6 faces, a motion-detecting accelerometer and colored lights in every square. It even mimics the movements of the original 3×3 Cube—swipe a finger across three squares and the lights will follow, “turning” a side of the Cube; make an “L” shape to turn the top face of the cube a quarter turn. Rubik’s Touch Cube’s motion-detecting accelerometer only picks out moves made on the top face of the block, so that a player’s fingers won’t move the lights on other sides when holding it.


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2 thoughts on “The Rubik’s Touch Cube

  1. Why is the cube so expensive! I think they would sell twice as many if they made it $20-50!

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