Pepsi Throwback

Enjoy Pepsi as it was meant to be made — with sugar — with Pepsi Throwback. Featuring an old-school Pepsi-Cola logo instead of the modern smiling circle that adorns current cans, the drink will be sweetened with sugar, instead of High Fructose Corn Syrup, giving you that true cola taste without the need to import. For those with more extreme tastes, Mountain Dew Throwback will also be available.



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5 thoughts on “Pepsi Throwback

  1. Hay, Pepsi if you call it throwback what happen to the glass bottles, man nothing beats a GLASS bottles to make it true to its name (throwback)the plastic is nasty sometimes it taste like dirt,(Gross)fix it right. (a true Pepsi drinker 40 years long).

  2. I agree! I love that Pepsi unveiled this and I hope it becomes more than a “limited time” deal–I want it here to stay! That’s why soda in Europe is so amazing; they don’t use corn syrup, they use real sugar! But bring back the glass bottles, too!!

  3. I bought the Pepsi Throwback. Label says “natural sugar/s”.

    That’s not what I want. I want pure cane sugar, not beet sugar.

    And it didnt taste that great anyway.

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