Man Vs. Food In Portland, Oregon

Adam Richman visits Salvador Molly’s in Portland, Oregon where he attempts to win the Great Balls of Fire Challenge – taking down 5 habanero fritters with habanero salsa — to get his picture up on the Hall of Flame!


New episodes of Man vs. Food air Wednesday nights at 10PM on the Travel Channel.


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3 thoughts on “Man Vs. Food In Portland, Oregon

  1. Hershel Taylor says:

    where can i get a list of rest. in Portland, Or. that were shown on man vs food?
    thank you

  2. Chuck Schirm says:

    Please let me know of new places in and around Portland, Oregon that Adam goes to. Thank you

    • Rob Slebos says:

      Adam should go to fatty pattys in battle ground wa. and try a large slop it comes on a large pizza pan. they have HUGE servings of food.

      eat happy!!

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