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Top 10 Obscure Google Search Tricks

When it comes to the Google search box, you probably already know the basic tricks. But there are many more clever and lesser-known search tools that work from that unassuming little input box. HERE are some favorite obscure Google web search tricks.




The Dark Knight Breaks the $1 Billion Mark

The Dark Knight has become the fourth film to take in more than $1 billion in worldwide box office.

Warner Bros. Pictures made the announcement Friday afternoon, saying that the combined domestic and international gross had totaled $1,001,082,160 to date — about $533 million domestically and $567 million overseas.

The Dark Knight had been about $4 million short of the 10-figure mark when Warner Bros. re-released it into IMAX screens on Jan. 23, the day after its eight Oscar nominations were announced. Grosses from Ecuador also helped nudge the film over the mark, a spokeswoman said.

Only Titanic ($1.842 billion), The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King ($1.119 billion) and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest ($1.066 billion) have topped the billion-dollar worldwide mark previously.


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I Can Read Movies

Mitch Ansara created a number of mock 1960s paperback book covers for “I Can Read Movies”, a fictional series of movie novelizations.

He says, “The books came about from my involvement in the Make Something Cool Every Day group on flickr. They were partly inspired by my friend Moss’ totally awesome movie poster remakes, and all the musty old textbooks and digests that I used to love flipping through as a kid. I love movies more than anyone you’ll ever meet… and I have no experience, training, or confidence in graphic design or type, so I’m just having fun”.

See Mitch’s collection HERE.


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26 Things You Can Do With Toothpaste

Besides cleaning your teeth, there are many other wonderful uses of toothpaste that you may not know. HERE are 26 additional things that you can do with your tube of Colgate.





Superhero Hideout For Sale

This unique Cave Home (starting bid is $300,000) is a superhero-worthy hangout. Boasting over 17,000 sq ft of space, this cavernous house is fully livable, with three bedrooms, a 400 sq ft kitchen, three groundwater springs, 2.8 acres of land, and a stage where bands such as Ted Nugent and Bob Seger have performed. 




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