New Favorite iPhone App…Blocked

This fun puzzle app costs only .99 cents and is highly addictive.  Download it HERE and let the madness set in. Beware of level 64. (Thanks Meredith for the tip!)




4 thoughts on “New Favorite iPhone App…Blocked

  1. What's the story on 64 says:

    I breezed through all levels except 64..I have been on it for days….Is there a solution? Or it can’t be done?

  2. Jeff says:

    What is the tip that to solve level 64? I also breezed through most other levels but have been stuck on 64 for several (and I mean several) days! Any help would be appreciated!

  3. bertram says:

    i spent weeks trying to figure level 64 out. i then gave up before running across the solution on you tube. ah, finally!

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