Jim Gaffigan King Baby DVD

On March 31st Paramount Home Entertainment and Comedy Central will release Jim Gaffigan: King Baby on DVD ($16.99)! The very funny Jim Gaffigan shares his opinion on bacon to bowling.  This DVD includes some hilarious special features such as interviews and episodes of his Emmy nominated Pale Force.


In this Austin performance that capped off the 2008 sold-out stand up tour; Gaffigan does not let the audience catch their breath.   This all-new show proves no other comedian working today can romanticize laziness and over-indulgence like Jim Gaffigan.

The bonus features include:

-Pale Force: Sidekicks, Land of the Robots, Pale Christmas

-Our Massive Planet: Credentials, Primates 2, Zebras, Dogs

-X/M Sirius Interview

-Never Aired British Interview: Atlanta: Meet and Greet on Demand

-Sexy Tour – Friday Night Stand Up: Execs, Wardrobe, Omelet, Make Up, Models, PA, About Sexy, Call Director’s Chair, Sex Version 1

-The Beyond the Pale Tour – Friday Night Stand Up: Moby Dick, Bed, Neighbors #2, Phone (Free Tickets), Inner Monologue, Plant, Popefully Yours, Neighbor #1, Globe, TSA Cavity Search, TSA Cake



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