LOST: A Major Character Will Die This Season

E! Online is reporting that a major character death is coming this season. This is in addition to earlier internet rumors that a less major character would be leaving the show.

Collect yourselves, then read on if you want to know more….

Here’s what E! Online can tell you about this death:

• A current series regular is getting killed before the end of Season 5.

• The character who will die is someone who is much-loved by many fans.

• This is a real leaving-the-show death, à la Shannon or Charlie, not a quick-fix time-travel death like Jeremy Bentham/John Locke.

• The character getting killed off is NOT the Evangeline Lilly character Kate Austen.

After taking a week off, LOST returns with a new episode next Wednesday, March 18th, at 9 pm/ET on ABC.

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