Stephen King’s “It” Rises Again As A Feature Film

Warner Bros. is bringing Stephen King’s landmark horror novel “It” to the big screen. Screenwriter Dave Kajganich will adapt the story, which follows a group of kids called the Losers Club. They encounter a creature called It, which preys on children and whose favorite form is that of a sadistic clown called Pennywise. When the creature resurfaces, the kids are called upon to regroup, this time as adults, even though they have no memory of the first battle. The novel is set in 1958 and 1985, but the feature version will be set in the present day. “It” was the best-selling book of 1986 and in 1990 was turned into an ABC miniseries that starred John Ritter, Harry Anderson, Tim Reid, Annette O’Toole and Richard Thomas. Tim Curry played Pennywise. The screen rights have bounced around since then. Kajganich has made a name for himself with his dark materials, writing “The Invasion” for Warners and snagging gigs such as the “Pet Semetary” remake. He recently was hired to write New Line’s “Escape From New York” remake.


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6 thoughts on “Stephen King’s “It” Rises Again As A Feature Film

  1. How can I purchase the dvd. I’m looking for the one movie where a little boy in his yellow rainsuit is walking next to the street curb following his paper sailboat. The boat goes into the sewer and pennywise in there.

    Can you help me find the dvd or vhs?

  2. Why? The TV adaptation was one of the best ones they’ve done for King. You know, he has other stuff good enough to be adapted that hasn’t been.

  3. Aside from the money Warner Brothers will get from reproducing It, here’s definitely room for improvement. While the first half was great to be sure, I found the second half with the adults to be filled with sub-par acting and a rushed feeling to get everything wrapped up for the second the two hour time slot. Hopefully they’ll just pick and choose from what worked and what didn’t in the original adaptation, though I get the feeling that’s probably hoping for too much.

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