Where Are The Best Sandwiches In America?

A few weeks ago, Slashfood wrote about their top 10 favorite sandwiches in America and then asked readers to share their picks. They received more than 50 responses, from shrimp po’boys in New Orleans to cheesesteaks in Philadelphia to Vietnamese bahn mi in Portland to something called the “Sloppy Irishman” in Ohio. Slashfood has compiled the picks into the list found HERE.


The Pacific Northwest was represented by Pambazo at Autentica in Portland, OR, Midnight Cuban at Paseo in Seattle, WA, Tuna Niçoise at the Bread Peddler in Olympia, WA, Saigon Bacon Banh Mi at Best Baguette in Portland, OR, BLB at Meat Cheese Bread in Portland, OR, Reuben Sliders at Kenny and Zuke’s in Portland, OR and Grilled Vegetable at Village Baker in Bend, OR.



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