Marvel Celebrates Wolverine’s 35th Anniversary With Variant Covers And Fine Art

Marvel Comics has dedicated the month leading up to the “Wolverine” movie’s May 1 release (which is also Wolverine’s 35th anniversary) to “the best there is at what he does” with two major events.

First up is a new series titled “Wolverine: Weapon X” (shipping April 8th) by the creative team of writer Jason Aaron and artist Ron Garney, featuring variant covers by some of the biggest talents in the industry. And speaking of art, Marvel will unveil their line of “fine art” covers throughout the month as part of “Wolverine Art Appreciation Month.”

Throughout April, several Marvel titles will feature variant covers spotlighting Wolverine in ways never seen before — inspired by some of the most renowned names in the world of fine art. In other words, Marvel’s roster of A-list artists will reinterpret Wolverine in styles reminiscent of Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol and other notables.

“This is a huge year for Wolverine as he proves why he’s arguably one of the most popular characters in the world,” explained Joe Quesada, Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief. “He’s not just popular with fans but also with artists, as evidenced by how many of today’s top comic artists jockey for a chance to draw him. This got us thinking: what if Wolverine had been around for hundreds, if not thousands, of years? What great, classic artists would want a crack at drawing a Wolverine cover?”


Edward Gorey


Salvador Dali


Rene Magritte


Pablo Picasso


Inspired by C.M. Coolidge’s “Dogs Playing Poker”


Vincent van Gogh


Andy Warhol

See additional covers HERE

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29 thoughts on “Marvel Celebrates Wolverine’s 35th Anniversary With Variant Covers And Fine Art

  1. bchboy1 says:

    Great post! Love the wolverine art!

  2. Ducker says:

    Aint that cool!…particularly the Dali one

  3. John Smith says:

    very nice pictures, I really enjoyed them!

  4. [KwZ] says:

    ja, pure genius

  5. omnipleasant says:

    Very nice! But I never noticed before that Wolverine had two right ears.

  6. phoenix1979 says:

    cool painting hope they shipped this going to our country Philippines

  7. pitrelli says:

    the dali one is awesome

  8. cello85 says:

    lol thats so cool! I would totally buy some of those paintings

  9. Daria says:

    I am definitely a Wolverine fan, and these paintings are great! I like the Dali version, and the ‘dogs playing poker.’ Classic!

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  11. nursemyra says:

    these are fabulous. love the van gogh

  12. Love the Van Gogh – clearly, it’s NOT his own ear… Perhaps Van Gogh hired Wolverine to do the dirty deed…

  13. cgumbsrealestate says:

    Love it

  14. ray rhoomes says:

    Love the art….. Incredible

  15. Darrell says:


    Duhhh, healing factor!

  16. grumula says:

    I really want to see a Francis Bacon one, I think the style would suit, great pics though!

  17. Rob says:

    The Rene Magritte is the best of the bunch, and not just because I’m a big fan of Magritte – something about the fusing of French surrealism and an American pop icon is just awesome to me…

  18. youcouldbelievethis says:

    I really like these, especially the Salvador Dali

  19. CreativeForces says:

    absolutely amazing! Dali FTW!

  20. kyknoord says:

    The Gorey take is right on the money. I’m sure he would’ve approved.

  21. Great stuff…linked to this entry in my blog.

  22. Kevin says:

    hahaha bad ass loga pics alright

  23. madesania says:


  24. BARRY LEE says:

    The artists are turning over in their graves .. laughing!
    Made Mine Marvel since X-Man Vol.1, #1

  25. kelsey goode says:

    the point in the ear one was probably showing that it healed… sorry just making the idiots look more dumb.

  26. snikt says:

    absolutely awesome! i love the gorey and dali ones the most.. and notice how the andy warhol ones are the worst?..yeah, thats because he sucked. if i ever met warhol, even his corpse, i would punch him.

  27. PR Blog says:

    That sounds interesting. Found your blog through Google, you got some good rankings!

  28. harmony rose says:

    I’m not an x-men fan but those are fantastic images.

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