Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief Movie Info

Pierce Brosnan, Uma Thurman, Sean Bean, Kevin McKidd and Melina Kanakaredes have been cast in Fox 2000’s fantasy-adventure adaptation Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief as classical Greek gods Chiron (Brosnan), Medusa (Thurman), Zeus (Bean), Poseidon (McKidd) and Athena (Kanakaredes). Aries, Hades and Persephone have not yet been cast.

The film, being directed by Chris Columbus, is shooting in Vancouver for a February 12, 2010 release.

Columbus and Craig Titley have adapted the screenplay from Rick Riordan’s best-selling children’s novel. The Greek mythology-inflected book involves Poseidon’s half-human son, Percy, who’s on a quest across modern America to prevent a war among the gods.

Logan Lerman, Alexandra Daddario and Brandon T. Jackson have already been cast as the book’s lead teenagers.

“Lightning Thief” is the first of five novels about Percy Jackson and the Olympians — the fifth, “The Last Olympian,” is due in stores in May. The studio hopes to spin the books into a franchise in the “Harry Potter” mold.




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341 thoughts on “Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief Movie Info

    1. annabeth is 23 get someone who is like 12(my age)and has blonde hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!in the book it says she has blonde hair they should follow the book more.what is it rated?

      1. Yeah?? but maybe its good to improvise or maybe they couldnt find one that either looked like her or could play her role πŸ˜‰

      2. leave annabeth they are highlighting her hair and the chick who plays annebeth looks exactly like athena thats good casting i love the characters i woul be pissed to see they have changed and grover looks exactly like the description they all should stay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      3. wow i hated that movie. it was nothing like the book and the cast sucked. and to you jessica they did not highlight her hair she was a terrible annabeth and on rick riordan’s website, grover didn’t even look like that they never described him that way. read the book again the whole cast was completely wrong

  1. i think the movie will suck because the lead “teens” are actually supposed to be twelve and are too old. many changes are being made to the movie that are different to the books (which rock)so it will be a disappointment to me (and my friend who also thinks the movie will suck)

    1. Well logan lerman playin percy, he can definitely pass as 12. I dont know why they picked who they did for annabeth though. But I do think the movie has good potential to suck due to the magic and stuff, if they dont make the movie right it wont capture it correctly.

      1. ok u r right: the chick who plays annabeth needs to cut off her legs 2 b the same heigth or something she’s an adult! but if u look at some other pics she could possibly pass as 13 or 14. and the dude who plays percy fits in the preview that was just released. but grover?!!! brandon t jackson?!! that’s just bad casting.

    2. it will suck because the gril they picked is 24 and a brunette i look EXACTLLY like annabeth so some should just start all over and cast real 12 year (thats my age)

    3. I so agree! I am soooo mad at them for casting such old people! My friends think so too! They also take the Percabeth moment and put it in the first! Just because they are teens why make them kiss? I am hoping they remake it with younger actors and actresses, (also an Annabeth with Blonde hair!)

    4. you are so right. the guy that plays percy is like fifteen or something and annabeth is twenty four. and she isn’t even close to blonde. why didn’t they pick some twelve year old kids that actually look like the book’s descriptions. plus they messed up the whole plot of the book.they make percy, annabeth, and grover find the three pearls instead of receiving them as a gift. And percy leaves grover behind instead of his mom. and luke hides the bolt in percy’s shield, which has two things wrong with that. 1)it was ARES NOT LUKE and 2)Percy shouldn’t have a shield then they left out the oracle of delphi and didn’t explain mist till the end. and they put a percabeth moment in there when it’s too early! anyways, the whole thing is way different from the book. they should do it all over again.that’s like one of my pet peeves when people take one of my favorite books and make a bad movie out of it.

    5. It is SO not cool that clarrise isn`t even in the movie and Annabeth has BLONDE hair,but in the movie it`s BROWN!!And Thalia`s tree in the movie is an arch!!and grover isn`t black and in the book he has brownish-orangeish hair!!!!!And Olmpus doesn`t have a long cloud walkway surroned by torches and at the top of the mountain is a little tinsy temple so NOT what olympus looks like!That movie is totally wrong .I hate movies like that.

  2. i read the 4 books and i love the series i think the guy that is going to be percy is going to be find the rest i am worried about the girl that is going to be anabeth is not blond and brandon t. jackson is to old i think they should cast more people for those characters πŸ™‚

  3. the dude who plays percy will be ok. the girl who plays annabeth is twice her age…it doesn’t matter if she isn’t blonde though…u cud just dye her hair or something. the dude who will play grover is also too old. such a dissapointment. idk if i’m game enough to watch it

  4. I love the percy jackson and the olympians series! I LOOOOOOOOOOVE greek mytholygy (i think I spelled it wrong). I think it should be a movie, but I won’t be surprised if there are any changes.

  5. hey well i agree with the rest of you that it will dissapoint me and the rest of you. as i was reading the series i though of what a great video game this could be, so if you have any ideas on how to let video gamer creators know what an awesome video game this could be email me at

  6. i’m kund of disapointed in the people they picked to play the charictors. there supposed to be teenagers not 20 30 year old people.

  7. I like the kid who will play percy. I don’t really like the annabeth’s character. or grovers. i kinda like posiedens character. but they could prolly do better.

      1. Yea seriously Anna Sophia Robb would be great as annabeth(aha including her name aha)But what about Ares??? i didnt see him up there!! and he is like a really impportant roll, where is he??

  8. Why do they need to cast Persephone? She doesn’t show up in the book? Why don’t they focus on Luke or Clarisse? Uma Thurman as Medusa. What? In the book her head is covered most of the time. Why waiste big bucks on a minor character in the story. I don’t have high hopes for this movie.

    1. SERIOUSLY!!! Clarisse better not be cut out of this movie. She’s like one of the main characters!!! I’m super PO’d bout Grover, too. HE’S NOT GANGSTER! The movie cover is also kinda cheezy. These dudes in Hollywood are really good at destroying a good book.

      1. But what about Ares??? i didnt see him up there!! and he is like a really impportant roll, where is he?? and yes Clarisse better not get cut out!!!!!! Grover… i think itll be ok if hes black, cuz there isnt any history of a black saytr.. actualy no… i would way like it better if he was white no offensee and well… he supposed to have acne if u read the books he doess but not tht i want him to have acne just he should diffently be white!

  9. i am very excited for this movie. and i think sean bean is perfect for zeus. but i dont think percy annabeth and grover were casted well. and you also spelt ares’ name wrong! and ya persephone doesnt come in in this book. i think the adult casting is good and fitting but the teenagers seriously needs to be redone

    1. they need to change annabeth she is 2 old doesn’t have blond hair or nothing percy is suppose to look older then he is in the book so he is alright brandon t jakson is good because grover was suppose to be 28 and brandon t jackson is 28

  10. -.-, Annabeth is going to be played as 18 -.-. It is beyond word to express how annoyed I am…

    1. they’re putting annabeth as 18?! how dare they! they could do a much better job with casting

  11. i luved the books but if u dont want to get even madder at hollywood then dont watch the movie cuz its gonna suck!! percy iz NOT 18 in the book! the nerve of some people!

    1. this movie i have to say is not going to be awesome. i looked at the trailer and hello who came up with the bright idea of having an elevator? also annabeth and grover’s characters are to old.anyway i am clearly dissapointed in the director. annabeth’s hair is supposed to be blonde.

      1. ur right about the chacters but in the book there is an elevator its just that he goes up with a ton of people

      2. well there is an elevator, and he does go up just by himself. in fact, the guy at the desk that gives him the key tells percy specifically to wait until he’s alone to use it.

    2. they’re putting percy as 18, too?! arghhhh! im so mad right now. i’m not sure if the people in hollywood even read the book at all!!!

  12. the actors are too old…
    They are going to screw it up so badly.
    I dont think i want to see the movie version.
    I think I might just hide away with all my PJO books untill they cast actors that suit the series.

  13. I got so cot up in this book i read itr in 4 days its so my kid of book greak myth’s the gods and titans demi-gods I had a hard time putting the book down i want to see the movie!

  14. well im pretty mad at the demigod selection especially annabeth since her character will be twice the original age. man, i really looked foward into this movie, until i saw the cast selection =(

    1. i totally agree with you. i was so excited about the movie but then i saw the cast list. the best i can hope for is that the movie does the book at least SOME justice

  15. OMG so yeah i wanted 2 c thiz sooo bad… until now. wait a sec, so annabeth and percy will be EIGHTEEN in the movie??? r u serious??? wat kinda ppl r u???? who will watch them when they’re 22 in… wat… TTC or something?????????

    1. i know!!! how dare they make percy and annabeth 18! and that messes up the prophecy (about the next kid of the big three that reaches sixteen deciding the fate of olympus) though it won’t matter because the movie is so messed up anyway.

  16. I am disapointed yet very exited. Hope this movie doesn’t make me mad. I hope the people making this movie don’t completely blow it. They’d be total losers on my list if they do.

  17. i love the books. i read all 5. they rock.but why would the movie take so long to make.and i just found out the cast is eighteen!in the first book they are 12! i am realy looking forward to it. but its coming out in november 13 2009.i hope just becouse its pg they wont leave out the violent parts like medusa and ares. this better be a good movie.

  18. sup lovers of percy and hopefully lovers of pie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Gah, the chick playing Annabeth needs blonde hair. They’d better bleach it or give her a wig. And I totally agree about the actors being too old to play the roles. Feh… I was totally jazzed for this movie until I really thought about it and looked at the cast. D:<

    1. seriously grover is suposed to be a middle schooler and is not black jeez they better not get thalia wrong

      1. omg i totally forgot about thalia! yeah i hope they dont mess her up…maybe we could sue them for bad casting…haha just kidding

      2. thalia isnt even cast yet. and she is kinda in the 1st book in percy’s dream this movie is sooooooooo messed up. Annabeth is supposed to have blonde curly hair and be well idk 12!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. ok like i totally hate the whole cast…the girl who plays annabeth is like way 2 old, and not even blond…and they’re casting a bunch of gods that aren’t even in the book.

  21. i am so mad!!! they did a terrible job at casting! i mean how hard is it to find a 12 or 13 year old girl with light eyes, who can act!! and the guy who’s playing grover is WAY to old and dosent fit the part at all! and i agree some of the other cast members are to old. i’ve read all 5 books and i love them alot, but i think this movie will suck!

  22. WOW THEY ARE GOING TO RUIN IT!! serioously actors in this are waaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy to old, i mean cmon? And i agree with the comment on terrible casting! REALLY DISSAPOINTED

  23. I’m really excited to see this movie, and i cannot wait until the day it comes out!!! I’m just really mad because an audition didn’t come for me here in NYC. I’m an actor, i’ve been in a couple commercials and tv shows, but my agent said they’ve never heard of the movie, i guess they only had auditions out in LA, so…… that’s a bummer i didn’t get a chance…… but on a brighter note, i thinks it’s going to be a great movie! (That i won’t be in……:(………)

    1. Actually I read on some website tht they didn’t evn do he casting they just had agents to agent or something. Sorry you didn’t gt the part tho.

    2. Just keep on trying. Your chance will most likely come when you least expect it! You’ve already been on TV! Just a bit more time and you’ll be great!

    3. lucky. i’ve never been in a movie at all, though i wish i could. if you know about auditions for the other movies tho, contact me at

      P.S. you’ll probably get a chance to be in a better movie one day anyways

  24. i read the book and cant wait till i can see the movie and what about zues’s master bolt stolen but anyway i think the movie will be great and u should read book first

  25. i hope the parts like the fighting parts are in here and what the heck about the cast is to old they should be 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. I love the books and am siked for the movie. tha actor that plays Percy is HOT but older. Annabeth sucks. I’m a little let down but i still cant wait.

  27. i absolutely love percy jackson’s books. last week i jus got done reading book 5 and i hope that in the future it will be another for the prophecy told at the end. I hope that the movie will be as interesting as the books. if it dosent it’ll just be a major disapointment to many of the fans.please dont let us down with a stupid-waste of a movie ticket and money movie.
    majooorrrr fan of percy jackson and the olympians.

  28. && thats another thing.they should have had a casting that people knew about so that they could have a better cast of dedicated percy fans so it would be a better movie. in my opinion i think the movie idea should be re-thought through and re-casted.(just a thought!.)

    1. i totally agree. even I could probably come up with a better cast and I’m only twelve.

  29. Oh god I HATE who was picked as annabeth. She looks 18! Not to mention she has BLACK HAIR! Annabeth is supposed to have BLOND hair. Everyone else is perfect!

    1. I soooo agree they need to replace her or they could put a wig on her. But she needs to be replaced or something.

  30. Wat Up Dog!!!
    Man I LOVE the Lightning Thief Series:)
    Right Now as of 5/29/09 I am reading THE LAST OLYMPIAN
    I,m on page 109 and I LOVE IT!!!!:)

  31. I hope the movie is half as good as the books. I just finnished the last olympian and it ROCKS!
    Logan lerman as percy is okay but logan is 17 and perdy neebs to be 12. annabeth is way too old and i didn’t picture grover under wood as a black guy.

  32. I can’t wait till the movie comes out! Its just I’am pretty dissapointed in the cast!The people who play Percy, Grover and Annabeth are to old! But if I see TOO MANY changes in the movie compared to the book I will be EXTREMLY MAD! I get touchy with those books! (I LOVE THEM AS IF THEY ARE MY LIFE SOURCE! AND I LOVEEE GREEK MYTHOLOGY!) So lets hope theres no DRASTIC changes!

  33. in the movie, they are going to make annabeth 18 years old!!!!! what 18 year old would fall in love with a 12 year old????????? this movie is going to suck. i am only going because of the books.

  34. ok, the books were awsome. but, ya the charecters playing annabeth and grover are too old. percy and luke are good. But there need to change annabeth and grover. Ya the cast just stinks.

  35. As anyone else that has posted a comment, I am a lover of this series. I have always adored greek mythology with a great passion, and I beleive these books portray the excitement of it exellently. Another statement would be that Rick Riordan is a genius, from the moment my eyes took hold of the pages of his books I new I had found love. In my opinion, I find that (like always) the movie will not be as well done as the book, but in all fairness I don’t beleive I should have high expectations. Perhaps it was too difficult to find a girl described like Annabeth, or one as cookie and whacky as Grover,(or who has a taste for tin cans for that matter) and maybe it was too difficult to make the movie just like the book. It would also not be fair to judge the movie and label it before it came out in theatres. I am very satisfied with the rest of the choice of characters, but I am dissapointed with their ages. I hope that they creatures may rethink the script, such as teh idea of the main characters being eightee. Still I do not mean to put anyone down, and I beleive that all the actors will do their best in the situation and the pressure readers are putting on them. My only request would be that-being a tweleve year old girl myself (and to make it more Ironic I must add I have blonde hair and grayish blue eyes)- that Alexandra truly get in her Character as Annabeth, for as I read through the books I truly came to enjoy and respect her character, and I hope I may feel that aswell watching the movie. Finalyl I would like to state that I would definetly coming to see teh movie for myself and observe it successfulness, I’m greatly excited for its coming.:D

  36. forgive me, I meant *Creaters, I hoepw I did not offend anyone in my comment

  37. this is gonna ruin the book and the people that see the movie and think it’s good when they haven’t even got the right story! i don’t even think i’ll watch it, cuz i’m not gonna give these people money for making a stupid ass movie!!!!!!

  38. I love this series! I have to admit i was dissipointed with casting and with the age of some of the cast members…..but i will still deffinatly be going to see the movie! I mean WHY NOT!?!?!?! No movie is ever as good as the book(s) its based on! Maybe The people who did the casting are just pulling our leg and are actually still looking for actors/actress. IDK but i still have hope for this movie!

  39. these actors are about twice the age they are in the movie. by the time they finish all the movies the girl playing annabeth will be in her 30’s

  40. OMG!!! Im sooooooooooooo excited and upset with sme of the casting. (The girl playing Annabeth ecspecialy)Fro all of you saying that some of the gods and goddesses werent in the book that is false information. They weere all in the book at the end when Percy went to Olympus except Hades. I myself had read all 5 of the books and ill admit im obssesed! I really hope the dont ruin the movie

  41. Did anyone else see what Chris Columbus did to Harry Potter 1 and 2, is anyone else concerned? I am. I hope they switch up directors and Guillermo del Toro get’s a stab at this series that would be one wicked movie. I’m not a fan of Mr. Columbus’ magical work, it’s never dark enough for my taste. As for the ages…I wonder what goes through casting director’s minds. I could understand actors ranging from 14-18 but twenties is a bit high. Annasophia Robb would’ve been my pick for Annabeth.

  42. 5/5 stars on all the books. WOW! i loved them. and why is there so much hate on the cast? i dont get it… you people arent in control of it AT ALL. so why dont you just be supportive of an awesome story and movie? i sure dont know. it would make you happier in the end if you were optimistic about it and it was an awesome movie like i think it will be or even if it sucks, than you would be if you were pessimistic and it was awesome or it sucked. and on another point, the cast is friggin awesome!!!!!!! why dont yall like it? sure they are a little old but that can be fixed with a little makeup… and hair can be dyed… and skin color doesnt matter at all why is everyone being so racist. and logan lerman is one of my favorite actors and im dissapointed and angry at the people who think it should be josh hutcherson or anyone else. seriously he totally sucks compared to logan. anyways, 5 of 5 stars, 1000000000 thumbs up on the book, and 4 of 5 stars on cast selection(because of age :/) and 4 of 5 stars on the movie in general. i am disappointed that its being shot in vancouver… i mean wtf its set in new york mostly. but all in all im impressed with rick riordan. hes my new favorite author, instead of eoin colfer and lois lowry.

    1. dude we are being supportive of the story the books are awesome! thats why every one is complaining about this bad cast. And the actors can be fixed with a lil make up? no way maybe some actors like percy he’s not bad but anabeth? no sorry buddy she’s way to old. Well okay i’ll admit im being a little racist but wtf were they thinking when they picked grover?!?!?. I think the movie is gona do pretty bad cuz of the screw ups they did but who knows.

  43. I think that this movie will still rock it’s socks off (hopefully) but i mean, the characters are 12. This is a CHILDRENS book! which means CHILDREN should be in it! not 18 years old. I’m a huge fan of chris colombus’s but you need to rethonk the cast. Logan Lerman could pass for a 12 year old but alexandra daddario, definetly not! Hopefully the directors see these posts and now to make changes right away! please this is like a petition. CHANGE THE CHARACTERS AND MAYBE EVEN SCRIPT!

  44. Geez, give the actors a break-they’ll probably dye their hair- the actor who’s going for Percy is fine. Alexandria (Annabeth’s actor)is older than the book says, but she’s an awesome actor from what I’ve heard. Give them a break! They’ll make up for their acting.

  45. i really am mad about the cast because if they screw up the movie then ill always have annabeth pictured soo old. why are they soo anxious to have alexandria be actress who plays annabeth? so desperate that they add six years of age to her? alexandria is older then the guy that plays luke!! the only reason in the wonderful books that they didnt date is because of the age gap! that will be totally confusing now!! no make up will hide 6 years! would it kill them to stick to the book? the percy kid is great, but grover?? way too old. the kid for luke is great tho. but annabeth and percy will have to much of an age gap when they start dating. and it was cute when they were kids!!! and the poiseidon guy? didnt poiseidon have long black hair??
    Terrible casting!

  46. I noe exactly wut u mean!! I am totally obsessed with the series! I give all the books 5//5 stars. But are they really gonna make annabeth 18 in the movie? How old Will they make Percy? I’m so confused! How hard is It to find a girl who has blonde hair and is twelve??? They can give her contacts or wutevr if she needs. Atleast she will be young. Percy In the movie looks about the rite age cuz he has a baby face and I imagined him pretty much lke tht. I think they can still fire her (atleast I hope).

  47. ok the cast really douse suck and the movie looks pretty bad. Also their all over-aged to be the characters. I think percy is about 18 or something and grover well he dousn’t look anything like grover trust me look up a pic or him. Anabeth has brown hair! thats not even right!. Thats why the movie is looking bad

  48. okay, percy…. perfect.
    annabeth…. not exactly the BEST annabeth i’ve ever seen, but i’ve seen her act and she is really good!
    grover, [not to be racist,] but i imagine grover white.
    most of the gods are perfect, one or two, not how i imagined them.
    luke:PERFECT! that is almost exactly how i imagined him.
    the other campers i’ve seen are pretty good too.
    sure some of the actors are WAY older than they are in the book, but again, you have to remember the people casting and making the movie are using THEIR imaginations. that’s what makes reading so great, and why the books will always be better, because you use YOUR head! plus, think about it, twelve year olds, usually can’t carry a box-office hit. wait ’till the movie comes out to judge, then if it’s bad we can start a riot, and attack the cast and crew of the movie! PEANUT BUTTER! lol, not really!

    just finishes TLO today! couldn’t have asked for a better ending! :]

      1. oh wow…u are absolutly right…You explain everything rite there!! I like hearing both sides. Thx!!

      2. so maybe it’s not that bad……BUT THEY COULD STILL DO BETTER!!!

  49. I seriously LOVE the percy jackson books. I love the story but the movie will have a few SIMPLE changes if they don’t change Annabeth. Annabeth is supposed to have blond hair, not brown, and she’s supposed to be twelve, not 16. Not to be racist, but I imagined Grover to be white. Hopefully, they will fire the girl that plays Annabeth or put a wig on her. I am disapointed in Grover, the guy’s supposed to be 12,not 23. (Well, He’s supposed to look 12) But, HEY! No movie is perfect. At least they’re making a movie. I still have hope for the movie, I just wish they would rethink the cast. Otherwise, I think it’s gonna be great! I’m still excited about the movie, I’ll go see it anyway. It might be a big failure and we can mob the guys that made the movie. PEANUT BUTTER!!!!!!!!!!!! (JK.:D)
    Or, It’ll be a big success and you guys will BE SORRY ABOUT THE PRESSURE THAT YOU’RE PUTTING ON THE ACTORS. It’ll only make it worse!

  50. OH GODS! This movie is gonna suck ass! I cant belive how old all of them look! I was soooooooooooo excited about the book, but now… 4gt about it. I still do heart the Percy Jackson books(he is so freakin hawt!).

  51. First off, chillax. The movie has a chance to be great, and changing the age of the characters is so you are not sitting in a theatre for 2+ hours watching little kids trying to pull off a great book or hopefully books wonderful story. And hair color, if that’s is your next knock on this movie, your really reaching for something negative, nothing changes in the stories main plot if Ann has a different hair color, may she won’t have grey eye’s either, but her mother is still the same I bet. Oh well, what I’m saying is just let the movie come out and see if the main storelines continues. Til then, I can’t wait. Here’s hoping for greatness.

  52. I LOVE the books!!!!! Can anyone tell me how I can get and audition as Thalia Hrace for the next movie??? She is my favorite character!!!

    1. OMG!!! Thalia doesn’t even come out yet!!! cause she’s a freaken TREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. omg this movie is going to be awesome! Pretty much every single one of the characters matches what I thought they would look like! I cannot wait for it! I loved the series and I cant wait for the movie!

  54. I LOVE THE BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! but the anabeth chrctr, you betr change her!!!!! shes wayyyy too old!!!!!!!

  55. the people playing in this movie r way 2 old to be them i mean did u even read the books in the first one he’s 12 not 19. and annabeth has blond hair and gray eyes not brown hair and blue eyes read the books people.this movie is going to be better when u remake it.

  56. omg why is grover black im not raceist but he looks nothing like the book describes he doesnt have a gote and acme like the book says AND hes got a nife he never had weopen besides his flute omg its yust weird and also in the the third book its says annabeth is really tall.omg why is grover black


    1. i imagined grover lookin like mr.tumnus in the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe

  58. I just completely loved the books but I think Rick Riordan’s gonna be really, really disappointed. I mean, with so many changes in the story, and the suckish casting, there probably won’t be a Half-Blood Hill. And, really, they could’ve got the girl from escape to witch mountain 4 annabeth. I’ll watch it, but he’s probably gonna go to the Empire State Building too soon. It’s gonna suck

  59. Also I agree with Djgetter. Grover’s white & in the preview Olympus looks like the underworld. It’s all stormy and dark and torchlit. I thought they could control the weather there.

  60. 1 more thing. Grover isn’t black, he has a beard and horns. His hair isn’t big enough 2 cover that. (in the movie he might nnot even b an f’ing satyr)

  61. I loved the book but like seriously annabeth has blonde hair not brown. And like really the people are like way to old they’re supposed to be 12 not in their 20’s or how ever old they are. But if you keep them you better make sure they’re good actors or I might have to come after you movie directors. Also Mt.Olympus is supposed to look all bright not like Hell

  62. Really annabeth is blonde not brown. And like every single character is like 20 years old. If your going to get people to play 12 year olds why don’t you hire 12 year olds. Gosh I just hope they’re good actors. And like also grover is supposed to be like not trying to be racist but he’s supposed to be white. Also some of the gods you’ve been casting for aren’t even mentioned in the first book so why start casting them when you should be casting like Luke or whoever else needs to be casted thats in the book.

    1. i totally agree. they should spend more time casting characters that are actually important. i mean, they cast a bunch of unneeded people, but don’t have time to pick an annabeth with blond hair?! how hard is it?

  63. i totally agree they dnt look like they were described in the book the characters should be introduced in the movie tht matches the book

  64. As an avid reader of this particular series, I definetly have to agree with some of the fans above: I am frustrated with some of the cast choices. I highly disagree with the Annabeth choice. (From the last trailer I saw, they even keep her hair brown and straight. How cheap is it to buy hair dye and a curling iron???) But I do think Logan Lerman was a dead-on Percy. As for Mr. D, I think Jack Black would be a perfect pick… but do they really need to pick a Persephone? I’ve read every book in the series at least three times and I’m fairly sure Persephone isn’t in book 1.

  65. This movie is gonna SUCK!!!!!Percys dad posiedon is a freaking skinny redhead,annabeth has brown hair and is 18, Grover is black,percy is 18 and atop of all that there putting all 5 books into one movi!!!!!!

  66. ok, so why the heck duz annabeth have BROWN HAIR!! it clearly seys in the book she has curly, thick BLONDE HAIR!! hollywood has casted all the wrong peeps for this movie and i am startin to think its gonna suck. all the main characters are like 30 and theyre sposed to be 12! and the prophecy seys that the person who decides the fate of the gods or watever wil be 16 and a child of the big 3! omg i am mad…and btw, i didnt know theyre making 1 movie and putting all 5 in there. thats almost impossible. think about all the things that happen in all 5 novels!! they bttr not be cuz if they r then im not payin 5 bux per person to see a suckish ripoff movie… πŸ™ i luv the books and this is a disappointment.

    1. WHAT!!! I’m bout to have meltdown here!!!! All 5 books in one movie? Thought they were trying to recreate Harry Potter here. We should have like, a petition or something. I hate the casting except for Lerman who’s totally hot. But no amount of hotness can make up for Hollywood’s mistakes

      1. yeah i know. we should all sign a petition and send it to the director asking him to redo the movie

  67. btw, logan who plays percy is awesome and he is totally percy jackson but every1 else not really

    1. I know!!!!! And what’s up with the old people playing teens? They’re going to be using canes and dentures by the time the last movie comes out. That is IF the first movie doesn’t suck so bad that it can’t even pay for the sequels. In my opinion, Hollywood has never been good at capturing books. I am phsyced bout the director, though.

  68. the movie looks awesome. logan lerman- along with being incredibly good looking ;)- looks perfect for the part of percy. i think brandon t. jackson would make a good grover (if he plays the part right), but as for annabeth… well, she looks like she’s going off to college. when she should be in like 6th grade. and wasn’t one of the most obvious traits for the children of athena to have blond hair? -_- it probably wouldn’t have bothered me that much if they hadn’t blatantly ignored this fact…

    anyways, i hope that they do these excellent books justice (please please please don’t butcher the series! :O)

  69. I am so excited 4 da movie but i hav doubts. i saw the trailer and think annabeth and grover should b changed. Annabeth is blond, bad-ass, and young not brunete, timid and old. the guy playing grover looks too confident. grover is scared and hungry all the time. but the guy playing percy is perfect!!! fits just right, i just hope the crew doesnt screw up the books plot in the movie.

  70. oh for hades sake!!!
    just how innocent are you??!!
    i have seen the entire cast, it sucks.
    i personaly read all of the books and personaly i don’t think even logar lerman could pull it off, too old. i have seen just to many movies based on books (and made in britain) that suck so much i want vommit!! i want there to be a remake, a real remake that is! a remake where grover anabeth and percy actors will actualy have auditions, and that new talented unknown actors could be chosen!
    i want to add my list of secendery actors to this comments section later today, i dont have time right now!!
    but if u pjo want a damn good movie for once then join me in my strugle and dont make a damn petition dammit it wont help the movie is done!
    instead contact anyone u know in the movie buisness in holywood anyone and try ur best to make an impact on movie books buisness!
    and whil ur at it mind talking about all the other book movie series?
    cause i really hate the all in one mvie books really!
    several movies not one and dont u forget that!!

    1. ok ok i get the drift but you cant only worry about the cast. what about certain settings? olympus looks like hell and i’ve heard that there mite not b a half-blood hill. if thats true then best selling bools r doomed the minute movie production is announced. its like the director want to down-play this awsome series. i know protests wont work now but if they plan on makig THE SEA OF MONSTERS then we could do something. ive seen movies that change actors in a dramatic way to appeal to audiences. i dont know what will happen but if you and anybody else has a plan to stop the destruction of yet another great book series, i’ll be glad to help.

      1. Isn’t olympus supposed to be gold and white with little shops and gardens and stuff?? That looks like Hades palace. I am soo frustrated!!

  71. i know u probably have good intentions and ideas and u seem 2 understant what i m saying here, and u r right, it’s not only the cast but the setting as well
    mount olymous does not like hell though but rather a copy paste of hogwarts.
    u have got one little detail wrong though, as of what ive heard this movie will include all five books (i know,its pure murder!!)and i m talking about a remake and not a second movie. i mean pjo and the lightning thief (that one was my second favourite one) with new actors, settings and directors.
    i want the sea of monsters later. first finish with lightning thief then go to more if its succesful.
    and i WILL add my list of suggested actors this week. i promise really even if u dont want me too.

    1. The reason mount Olympus looks like that is ’cause sues and posiden are fighting so it’s going all dark!

  72. by the way what was rick was thinking of when he gave the rights of the books for this movie without looking at the script first?!!

  73. What the heck?!!!!! I am deeply ashamed of the people who are making this film! Percy, Annabeth, and Grover and like all 12 in the book! Why does the movie have to be so different?! I hate it when directors do this!

  74. I understand why they put all the gods in for the first one. The reason is instead of it being just posiden and sues when Percy goes to Olympus it’s gonna be all the gods!

  75. Does anyone here think any of the producers read this stuff? I mean we should send our comments to them and show them what could be changed. I mean seriously! Did they even read the books?!!

    1. I completely agree with you mythgirl!
      The books were so good and perfect the way they were and the director is completely ruining it all!
      I loved Anabeth in the book but the girl who plays her is 22!
      No one is going to like the movie!

      1. annabeth has so blonde hair!!!!!!!!!!!she is way too old just put in a young blonde chick to play

  76. annebeth should of been played by dakota fanning and grover should of been played by someone with blue eyes and brown hair likethe book said! and percy is not the way i pictured him…sad sad sad…but im auditioning for the role of thailia in second movie or zzoe nightshade in the third movie!i just cant choose but i know that im going to get the part because im apart of this high agency! i hop they made camp half-blood look-like the book said because i read the series and annebeth kisses percy inthe last book not the first retards and they need a new mrs doodds and chiron. can one of you girls audition for clarisse becuzz they might cut her out of the movie including luke as well! ttyl but i hate the directors!

      1. I’ll take a shot at it. Not sayin I’m going to get the part. Just want to know how it feels to audition for a movie.:O)

  77. I just wish they will make it seem exactly like the book!
    Well I guess the age doesn’t really matter and the hair color as long as it seems like the exactly same type of thing!

  78. Kay everyone I may have said some stuff myself but now I realize as long as it seems like the same experience I believe this movie will be awesome.
    The actors will be perfect as long as they play the parts right!
    A reason it’s called ‘Acting!’
    Annabeth will be great! So what if she doesn’t have blond thick curly hair and instead brown thin straight hair?
    Who cares if Grovers black or white! As long as he’s the same!
    And I think we all agree Logan is a perfect Percy!
    The only thing bugging me is that there is no Clarisse! She is huge in the second book so why cut her out of the first!
    They finished filming and are probably editing right now so what the heck happened to her??

    Thanks for reading!

  79. wow i soo love this book. but i to think that the movie isn’t going to be as great.but who knows i havent watched it so i cant judge but The fact that annabeth isnt the right age and how she doesnt even look like the character described is kinda sad.. and even if she played a good annabeth they should of dyed her hair blonde or made her look like annnabeth… it just when they make a book into a movie they should have it how it is in the book…

    1. At first I wanted to see the midnight premeire but after watching the trailer and seeing the cast I’m not to excited anymore. Come on they should at least make Annabeth blonde and they are all twice their age from what the book said their 12. Percy will be fine but I’m worried about Grover he’s black.


  81. They are all way to old. I don’t think black people are bad. But Grover come on!!!
    Out of the 19 kids in my 7/8th grade class we could get kids way better for the movie.

      1. well then that makes it a terrible movie just like the other ones he has made and why they got a new director after the first 2 harry potters

  82. i think that the person, logan lerman, who plays percy is a good choice. i think that he’s cute too!!!!! I do not like the people playing grover or annabeth!!! i could be a better annabeth than her with my dirty blonde hair and gray eyes!!! The books rock!!!! I’m obsessed with them. I’ll probably see the movie.

    1. im going to c the movie but im pretty sure i wont like it and i have grey eyes dirty blonde hair and im 12 i freaked out when i read it in the book

  83. I just saw the new trailor on youtube and it really does look like they are combining all of the books into one movie! I have to admit it does look good, especially if you didn’t read the series. I’m still gonna see it just to get the full affect. search up percy jackson movie trailor in H.D. It is actually worth while.:)

  84. i really hope that they didn’t combine the books!!! I was going to try out for Artemis for the third movie!! I will VERY mad if they do combine the books.

    1. I wanna audition for Bianca for the third. Or zoe. could you help me by telling me how I could get an audition?

  85. I’m not exactly sure, but what I’m going to do is after the second movie is made, I will look up on the computer where the auditions are. If anybody finds a better way, please tell me. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

  86. I agree they made the people way to old how old are they going to be in the last olympian if there like already like 17 any bella from twilight is damn hot and sexy

  87. I think that Logan Lerman is cute. Do you think that Rick Riordan will write a sixth book or another percy jackson and the olypians related book, like one about Percy’s and Annabeth’s kid. I want him too. Do you???

    :):):):):):):):):):):):) πŸ™‚

  88. I heard that Rick is thinking of making another series. I hpe it’s as good as the first! πŸ˜€

    1. yeahh! I heard of that too! I hope it’s just as good as the last series. It’s based on Rachels last profecy!

  89. Alright, I’m tired of seeing all the comments about how awful this movie will be because the cast doesn’t perfectly match the characters in the book. OH NO! Annabeth’s hair isn’t blonde! Jesus someone stop production NOW!

    For god’s sake people, if the movie was about her hair or grover’s skin I might be a little worried. Also, age? Who cares?

    One change requires another. They bump the age up they gotta change the prophecy and everyting. I KNOW THAT. If people make a movie about the book, shouldn’t it be a little different? The production team needs to show their creativity and not themselves ripping off a story from someone else, even if they have rights to it.

    Also, I love Rick Riordan’s writing, however, there are some parts of the book that would just be embarrasing on screen. I’m glad they chose this cast over a bunch of twelve year olds running around trying to make an action movie.

    Anyways, if they want to make James Bond a horse, Boromir a god, and a gangster goat, it’s fine by me.

    1. I agree with most of what your saying but one.
      It’s supposed to be passed on the book, ven if they hve rights to it they shouldn’t hange most parts! I agree with the whole who cares and everything, but they are trying to create what people would hve imagined while reading the series. Sure the small details don’t matter.

      And your camment about twelve year olds really offends me! I’m twelve but I wanna grow to be an actress!

  90. if anybody knows what Logan lerman’s e-mail address is, please tell me! I really want to know.

  91. I’m so excited for the Percy Jackson movie, but the trailers seem a little dissapointing. And the characters chosen aren’t the best, not to be racist, but Grover is not black?

  92. Wow, another book ruined by movie producers. In one trailer it shows Annabeth so completely different than how it says she looks in the book. A, she is too tall. B, she is a brunette. And C, she uses a wooden crossbow. Also, it shows them fighting the Hydra, which didnt happen. It shows them hijacking a car and using a macine gun, which also didnt happen. It even showed people fighting a giant army of monsters in a forest, so really, it isnt even the same plot. I am going to watch this movie, but I wont even be seeing the lightning thief, it will just have the same characters. The story and events will be completely different, so if your looking to see this movie because your a fan of the books, dont bother, because barely even is percy jackson.

  93. I totaly agree with you samdaman307 !!
    its just another book ruined!
    like inkheart for anybody who has read the books then saw the film, eragon,harry potter 5th,spiderwick chronicles, and the list goes on and on and on.
    but i learned from my experience. i am not going to see that accursed movie because i do not wish to destroy the image of the book to myself!
    so i tell you! yes you PJO fans do not watch this movie protest with that!
    and i personaly am going to wait however long it takes even when i am ninety until a decent director decides to be smart and litsen to fans before he makes a movie!!

    1. Yeah, it just seems like directors think they are better writers than every author in existence. They alwyas must completelt re-write the books so “it fits the movie image”. If a director ever just wrote the screenplay exactly how stuff happened in the book, they would actually be liked by fans of the book, not hated. I also agree that many books could have been great movies if the director stuck to the plot (ie. Eragon, Spiderwick Chronicles, etc.)

      1. Maybe next time before they start shooting they should ask some of the fans what they imagine what the movie should be like, since they actually READ the books.

  94. I know everyone hates how directors change almost everything when movies get turned into books but the point is the main part is the exact same! I saw the trailer and it looks so good and I saw parts that were actually in the book! I am really excited for this movie! πŸ™‚

  95. I can’t believe how many people are saying that the movie will suck because of some minor details!!! HONESTLY people grow up! I’m 16 and I am going to love this movie and I’m going to enjoy the fact that grovers black and Annabeth has blond hair and their a little older. Doesn’t matter to me! As long as its the same consept I’m fine!

  96. At the same time, we have to exist on compromises, that prove benificial to both fans of the novels, as well as movie-goers, at the same time.

    Yes, i too would have rather they’d get Del Toro to direct this movie, yet at the same time, i’d rather have Columbus direct it than the Weitz brothers or hear John Hodge[the murderer of The Dark Is Rising, with his treacherous ‘The Seeker’ movie!] being the Screen-Writer, but i just hope the Scribe can actually be able to read the novels and work closely with Riordan, because if this movie fails, we will be forever infested in the doomed twi-drivel-filled future, in which the twilight series would finish unleashing ancient horrors, the likes of which we haven’t seen, yet, if we had to put up with Vampire Sub-Genre Drivel, that doesn’t even benefit Fantasy or Horror[two full Genres, thank you!]although i might make exceptions with Cirque Du Freak, The Vampire Chronicles, and even Vampire Academy, though…but even then, they have problems.

  97. I agree with a lot of people, this movie’s going to be terrible. The actors are way too old, they’re casting a bunch of god/godesses that aren’t even in the book, and the girl playing Annabeth is brunette, not blonde! Annabeth is BLONDE!
    I was looking forward to this movie, but now I’m not even sure if I’m going to bother to see it.

  98. this movie is gonna suck. first off, why would they pick alexandra daddario when there are other perfectly good actresses that have blond hair and are just a little bit closer to 12? GROVER IS NOT BLACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are all in 6th grade, not high school. has the director even read the freakin book? how could rick riordan do this to us? i am a die hard PJO fan, but this movie is going to be awful.

  99. omg that is what I have been saying, but the whole movie may not be awful. I know the Alexandria Daddario thing is really really bothering me too. I know Rick Riordan can’t do anything about this because he already sold the rights to the book. I am also a die hard PJO fan and I wanted to be Annabeth soooooooooooooo bad even though I’m brunette, I would die my hair, and get colored contacts. I’m 12 too (and I can act really good) (I’ve been practicing the PJO lines of Annabeth too) I know Grover is black but he may be fine. I personally think Mr. Riordan made ALL children of Athena have blond hair to prove that blondes aren’t dumb and can be really really smart. I think the director should have read ALL 5 books to compleately understand how to make this movie. but anywho we can’t be made at the movie, we can be mad at the people who casted the movie and Alexandria Daddario

  100. Listen i also think its going to be good but also think that they made mistakes with the characters! I mean seriously, me and my friend were like” they cant make Annabeth blonde!” and”they cant make Grover black”! but anyway i think its going to be good. Hopefully better than what im thinking and with full detail in the scenes. Especially the Medusa one. Hopefully we will all like it. But it might suck. let’s take the chance.

    1. Kay chill girly it doesn’t matter if Grovers black or if Annabeths hair is brown! (Is it that big of a deal? Really?)

  101. I was wondering if anybody noticed that the writers of this movie have written material from the other books into this movie…atleast that’s what it looks like in the trailers. I know that in order to make a movie work in hollywood they have to get people interested who haven’t read the books..and make it work on screen…The trailers for movies are done differently too.. and sometimes out of sequence. I even think that screenwriters and directors have to think 50/50 when doing a movie based on a book. They have to think about us the readers and the general public who may never care to read the books. I am kind of disappointed by the trailers and some of the the cast choices, but it may turn out to be an entertaining movie. !!I’m pretty sure Rick Riordan had to approve some of this movie too!!

  102. ok so with logan lerman playing percy, i’m like “Yes! this movie will pwn!” then… i met the rest of the cast. WHAT THE HECK!? the WOMAN who plays annabeth is a 23 year old and GUESS WHAT?! THEY DONT EVEN DIE HER HAIR BLONDE! im like “THOSE IDIOTS!!” and with grover, WTF!? he’s frikkin’ tall! and gangster! GROVER ISNT GANGSTER!!! and im reading through these comments and i see something and i go “WHAT!?” WHAT DO U MEAN CLARISSE ISNT IN THE MOVIE?! SHE IS LIKE, ONE OF THE MOST CRUCIAL MAIN CHARACTERS THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE SERIES!! ESPECIALLY THE LAST BOOK!!!

  103. List for Percy Jackson who I think should be the actors:

    Percy Jackson- Charlie Rowe or other auditioned actor within age group.
    Anabeth Chase- auditioned actress within AGE GROUP OF 12-14!
    Grover- Ben walker or auditioned actor within age group.
    Luke Castellan- Alex Pettyfer, Austin Robert Butler or other auditioned actor within age group of 19-23.
    Poseidon- Robert Downey Junior.
    Zeus- Harrison Ford.
    Hades- Johnny Depp/ George Clooney
    Ares- Ray Winstone (This one they got right)
    Dionysus- Danny DeVito or Jack Black.
    Hermes- David Tennant (DW reference).
    Kronos- Christopher Lee, J.D Hall (or anyone else with a very impressive voice for that matter).
    Chiron- Sam Neil.
    Clarisse La Rue- Auditioned actress
    Connor and Travis Stoll- Cole & Zack Sprouse.
    Mrs. Dods- Imelda Staunton
    Smelly Gabe- Bruce McGill
    Sally Jackson- Catherine Keener (got this one right)
    Medusa-Emma Thurman (got this one right)

    Thats what I think.

    1. wat do u mean auditioned actress with in age and plz go to to type in smorepro it has a gril who would be perfect as annabeth

  104. Okay, the trailer is very promising so far. I love the cast they’ve picked. Ann not being blond is strange but not a deal breaker, and some peoples comment about Grover’s skin color is just sad. Where does it say what color his skin is. You should really open your mind when your reading or viewing a persons character. Other than that, can’t wait to see it, should be a great movie!

    1. look in the book with mini storys it shows how most of the characters should look including grover and annabeth

  105. replacement of my toughts:
    Medusa- Naomie Harris
    Sally Jackson- Cate Blanchet or Holly Marrie Combs

  106. I realize this is useless but hey, just in case, and hoping desperately with all my heart, they do a remake of the first movie and of the rest of the series. Amen.

    1. im so on ur side of how they should remake the movie with a better director and differnt actors/actresses

  107. I think that the girl that plays Annabeth is WAY 2 OLD!!!1 someone like Annasophia Rob or Dakota Fanning should have played as her!!!!! I agree with Annabeth Chase. the director should have read ALL the books to understand how to put this together!!!

    1. annabeth should be cast by the girl on smorepro ( thats a youtube channel go there and type in smorepro)

  108. Couldnt agree more!
    Just remember, if they make a remake, and they will cause this movie will not be successful we the fans will chose the cast!

  109. anyone know the director or casting directors email or # i need to get a hold of these people and talk some sence into them

  110. check out monkeynuts1069 thats logan lermans’ channel on youtube talk to him about ur opinions on the movie i did

  111. I agree with the last couple of comments, really when a movie producer re writes something completely, i think it is one of the most arrogant things to do. I mean, just because you are rich and youve made other movies doesnt mean you are better than every other author. The smartest people take advice from everyone, even people that they think are lower than them. Also, you have to think about people who have read the book. If they just walked in the middle of the movie, you should at least be able to identify who somdbody is. If you want to make a movie that has a different plot, say that it is based on PJO, not that it is. People, dont let this discourage you from watching the movie, it may be good, it will just be different. Hollywood is a strange place, you put some book in, you dont know what is going to come

  112. ok, guys, i can see ur point… tootally, but try and be a little bit more positive. I mean they probaly chose Annabeth for a reason… maybe she has the right personality or something.Even tho she is wayyyy to old.
    Still, its probably going to be an exciting movie even if its not at all the same as the book…


  113. ok… well the casting is not what I would call good. They should really have cast like 15 year olds if they wanted them to be older, or 12 or 13 year olds…..SERIOUSLY???? But what’s done is done. Im still gonna go c it, bcuz the books were just amazing. Im mainly disapointed with Annabeths character, but watever.

    just a REALLY RANDOM QUESTION that basically creates the entire story…….

    say they make the entire series into movies…

    if the main characters are playing 18 year olds (which some people have said they are)…

    how old will percy be for the great prophecy? 25? i mean seriously… the whole series practically revolves around his 16th birthday, so he can fulfill the great prophecy!!!!

  114. okay i love the books they’re amazing and i think the casting is good… except for annabeth. my friend at school was supposed to play her but they said she was TOO YOUNG!! and she was the perfect description…. but i still think we should give it a chance cause maybe they made them old so it could connect to the teens more and stuff but whatever! i think it will be great! and logan lerman is perfect for percy and is so hott but yeah! we should give it a chance cause if we all think negative and that it will suck then you will always think it is even if it is AMAZING! which i think it will be! just give it a chance… <3

    1. I Know! THIS IS GOING TO BE THE CHEESIEST MOVIE EVER!! I totally β™₯ the books but the actors are to old and do not fit the descriptions which are described pretty clear to me… Oh yeah, i says, maybe your friend will be better. if she fits the descriptions… which you say she does. Stupid Directors!! It will suck and totally ruin the books.
      I β™₯ the percy jackson series!!

  115. They havnt assigned a part for clarisse, have they???? She’s like one of the important characters to help percy find his father with the toilet scene!!!

  116. Even if the movie is bad, I’m still going to see it cuz I want to see what they did to interperet the feelings of all the characters.
    Peace, Love, Smile,

  117. MAN I LOVE GREEK MYTHOLOGY CENATURS MINOTUARS SATYRS ETC ETC ETC but this movie i should have been in it

  118. Alexandra Daddario is not a good choice for annabeth. Is she even shorter than logan??Shes supposed to be! WHen they finish the movies she will be like, in her thirties!!! I am majorly disapointed…

  119. OMG, Annabeth is supposed to be like 12! Instead she’s 18! And she is a blonde, not a BRUNETTE! Plus if you have seen the pictures of Grover Underwood he’s not BLACK!!! dOESN’T HE HA

  120. I love the books and I am a big fan on mythology!I cant wait for the movie to come out(I have not seen it yet)!

    However I hope I get to see the movie as I normaly live in Kathmandu Nepal.

  121. I love the books and I am a big fan on mythology!I cant wait for the movie to come out(I have not seen it yet)!

    However I hope I get to see the movie as I normaly live in Kathmandu Nepal.
    I cant wait!

  122. I can deal with percy and annabeth’s acteors being older because they look the age(kinda) but what i cant deal with is annabeth’s hair! its supposet to be blond and she has brown! this is going to ruein the movie for me. and they cant fix this even if they have her blond in the second, it wont work.

  123. okay. this suckkss. annabeth and percy are both 12 and annabeth is BLONDEEE!!!! put a wig on the actress or something!!! this production team is so stupid. this trailer just ruined the experience of readin the book cuz now i have the total wrong image of the kids in my head when i read it!!!!

  124. Ok, i would be perfect for Thaila. im on the third book, though. i want to see if i can audtion, but even though she looks 12 but supposed to be 19. i would audtion because i am the right age, but now all of a sudden annabeth is 23 percy is 17 n grover is like i dont know how old.

    1. Okay i think that i would be perfect for the clarisse in this book but is she even in the movie????

  125. Alright, why the never put clarisse in kills me to a point. But hopfully they are going to make the movie series like harry potter and then they will add her. If they don’t then who’s going to be the one in the labrynth (sp) in the 3rd book? 8(

    1. what are you saying??? A) Clarisse is big in the SECOND book & B) The Labyrinth is the FOURTH book!

  126. i for one am really excited for the movie!! judging from the trailers, it looks like they stayed fairly close to the book…besides the casting (obviously) and a few added scenes. but you have to understand that it’s virtually impossible for the directors to make a movie exactly like the book. the reason that annabeth and percy are older in the movie is because if they used real 12 year olds then there would be too many insurance complications (12 year olds running around with swords and shields and crashing cars is not going to go over well) so overall i think that the directors actually did do a good job, and i’m super excited to see the movie!!!!

  127. dude this in bunck, freaking Grover isn’ a black dude, annabeth is a tan blonde chick not some ugly brunette with pale skin. ;[ this movie is going to suck cause its going to ruin the image Riordan wanted to put out there, as in grover a skinny white kid with a gotee and curly hair the hair doesn’t cover his hornes so he has to wear a hat, he’s white NOT black. and Annabeth is suppose to look athletic this chick playing her looks like a bad look alike of “bella” from the twilight saga. this is sh^t and i’m upset with it, if ur going to make a movie shouldn’t you at least TRY to make the chracters similar to the ones Rick has already drawn out?

  128. WTF.?!
    Half of this shit doesn’t even happen in the book.
    For instance the pool scene.!
    I mean really.
    And Chiron doesn’t even mention Halfbloods and Demigods at the Museum.
    There is sooo much I can say about this.. -.-
    All I know is that I’m going to be throwing some headless gummy bears at the screen at the movies..
    Such a disappointment… -.-

  129. They wasted all of their money on really good actors for very minor characters like the gods and goddesses. This is just poor money handling.

  130. After I thought about it, I’m actually okay with the guy whose playing Grover. But the girl who plays Annabeth doesn’t look like her at all and as many people say she does need blonde hair -_- also the teen casting looks too old. They look like they’re 16+ when the first book is when they’re 12. I seriously hope that Clarisse makes it into this movie. She becomes an important major character.

    But even though I don’t like some of the casting. I am still seeing this movie! XD I can’t wait

  131. the books are soooo awesome! the movie is a huge insult to the books. they ruined the characters and camp and mount olympus and everything!

  132. ive read all the percy jackson books and im very disapointed in the charactars in the movies… i mean for instants percy jacksons pen is a ballpoint pen and they have it as a clickable one.and anabeths hair is blond not brown. you know i was very exited to see it when they said it was coming out but now i think it is going to take what everybody imagined in the book out of there head when they see it and never get the image of the movie out of there brain. im done complaning now.there are some things i DO like about this movie…my main man chiron (whoooo) he take people behind the woodshed and dust you off if you know what i mean (sorry for my Arkansas slang)and percy jackson sort of looks like the one from my imagination before the movie came sighning off this was Kolbey Michaelray Wood speaking out clarksville ,Arkansas HOORAHH!

  133. seriously! the hydra is in this movie! he has the shield in this one that he doesnt get until the second movie! he fights luke with the master bolt and a trident forms in his hand out of water when he fights luke! wtf!!!! wtf?! hows this gonna work? the prophecy revolves around him turning 16!? and they are 18 in the movie but the actors are 23!?

  134. uh…logan lerman is 18. stop saying his age is 12. and trust me, the movie will be great if you like harry potter. same directors, same theme. and just to put it out there, max ehrich is frikin hot! btw, he’s from The Pregnancy Pact the movie, and he plays Jesse Moretti. lol. k, i’m done

  135. What the hecck? they casted annabeth as a burnette? SHE IS BLONDE IN THE BOOK WITH “PRINCESS CURLS”! Logan lerman aka Percy is ok he could pass for 13. Grover is like african when he i supposed to have red hair and be pale! i cant believe they are ruining a great book.I have read the series 5 times! btw anyone know if percy and the gang are gonna be in the second camp half blood series?

  136. This movie can be awsome or suck, im a big fan of the book so im glad a movie is coming out. I agree the acters are abit older, and annabeth should be blond, however both can pass off. The trailer is amazing and im buying tickets now ahead of time.

  137. I love PERCY JACKSON!!!! It’s my dream to be in one of the movies!!! If you know, PLEASE TELL ME WHERE THE AUDITIONS ARE FOR ARTEMIS, RACHEL, BIANCA, OR ANYBODY ARE OR WHEN THEY ARE!!!!!!! PLEASE! :):):):):):):) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ : ) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ : ) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  138. islam sohbet, the books are awsome and they did mess with the story abit, however, name 3 movies they have kept it the same as the books.

  139. Wow, I probably won’t even watch the movie, for many reasons a few of them being; they are all too old, and Percy had black hair, Annabeth was blonde and had grey eyes, the story seems completely different in the movie, Grover had more hair, and it was different plus about a thousand other things.
    The movie is a major dissapointment, they should not have wasted the money on making it.

    But it’s no doubt my favorite book series.

  140. I heard that there is no Clarrise! Annabeth has browns hair and Grover is bald! (lol) They should follow the book more…
    if there is no clarrise then what will happen in the second movie?? She gets the quest! Such a dissapointment…

    But is is still my favotite series ever.

  141. if there gonna be no Clarisse, i’m gonna scream.
    annabeth is supposed to look like she’s twelve. they made her look like 17!!!!
    percy is fine.
    grover is fine. i imagined him black, anyways.
    chiron is fine.
    luke doesn’t look like luke. i thought he was supposed to be a little cute.

  142. OK… first off: She is supposed to be blonde. Second: She is supposed to be around 12. So she doesn’t match the description. So i give the film a little criticism. I disagree with the hair and age, but just think, remember how long it took for the Harry Potter films to come out? Since they are already older the movies will be out before you know it… And saying your not going to see the film is just because of the character depiction, is purely wrong. If you think this is bad you are not only insulting Alexandria Daddario, but you are insulting The Percy Jackson series, and thus the gods. This movie could have been messed up worse. (i.e. “Eragon” which was so horrible they couldn’t make a sequel due to how many differences from the book.) So suck it up. This movie will still be great.

  143. Its me again.Okay,I saw a bit of the movie-where Clarisse is playing Capture the Flag. She looks like a boy and speaks like a boy in that trailer.I cant seem to get a lot from Youtube(it is not working,complaining about some micromedia flash player.Maby something to do with me installing Mozela Firefox yesterday)I have to say that Annabeth could work on her hair though but I stillmlike the books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  144. Actually Thalia was cast some weeks ago. Shes being played by an indie actress Jennesa Letourneau. But they arn’t leaking out any pics of her cuz apperntly she doesnt want publicity. I think its stupid! How can you cast some one no one has ever heard of?

  145. i also cant believe that percy gets his sheild in the “lightning theif Movie” when he gets it in the 2nd book

  146. yeah, i was wondering about the shield too. weird.
    did you know that ares doesn’t have the bolt in the movie?

  147. I watched the movie and i was REALLY annoyed when they MADE LUKE STEAL THE BOLT INSTEAD OF ARES!!! I DIDN’T EVEN SEE DIONYSUS!!! The credits said he was in the movie but I didn’t notice him! i guess they didn’t make him annoying enough. But seriously, Luke DID NOT STEAL THE BOLT, ARES DID!!! GET IT RIGHT PEOPLE!!!!!!

  148. so if they’re like 17, wouldn’t the whole plot be destroyed?
    the prophecy fortells the damn thing will happen when he turns 16, so like……………
    what’s up with that?

  149. actualy dude luke stole it the books but ares was sent to get it back and then took it and plan to cause the war by sending the bolt to the underworld. Oh yea and luke stole hade’s helm….. Hade’s was a victom in the plot, at least in the first book… so why the hell did they make him the ultimate bad guy along with luke?!?!?!? YOU TOOK A BEAUTIFUL PEACE OF ART, THREW IT IN THE MUD, TWISTED IT UP, BURNED IT, THEN CALLED IT A MOVIE!!!! i hate you for ruining the story for everyone

  150. oh yea and grover should have been white and younger, not cause i give two shits what somebody’s skin color is, but because thats the story. I’m not racist but Greek Mythology is okay.

  151. It was supposed to be Ares and Percy battling it out in water. NOT Percy and Luke(who you don’t even know is bad until the end) flying around New York and fighting.

  152. Let me explain you younglings something about this movie so to stop you from complaining… the movie sucks. every pjo fan knows that. its crystal clear. once we have agreed on that we can move on. promise ourselves not to watch the movie and ruin our characters image and such. All we can do and i suggest it very much is to promise thyself that if there is any young director within our lines, he will one day do remake for the movie series. it has been done before. all he will need to do is find a movie company intrested, a producer and a sponsor. once he does that he asks the producer/casting or whoever manages it to ask the fans who they think should play whom besides grover, anabeth and percy i believe the three should be played by new annonymus actors like done in harry potter. there have been remakes before all that needs to be done is to buy the rights from whoever owns them now. look at sherlock holmes,charlie and the chocolate factory, narnia, batman, superman,hulk and countless others all examples of remakes. there is still hope young grashoppers there is still hope.

  153. okay, I saw the movie yesterday and it was like nothing from the book! I mean they complatley cut clarisse out and the whole part where percy is supposed to get ares’s sheild! It was basically just them going around on this trip for perals to get to the underworld!!!!! And I think they’re trying to make the whole series!!! By the time they’re done Percy would be like 25!!! They didn’t even mention the orcal!! (sp?)

  154. omg i just saw the movie yesterday and they cut out soo much! i am very disappointed! they didnt have the oracle, clarisse, ares, the fates,the fight in st. louis, or poseidon claiming percy and they didnt show the camp at all!!!!!!! what about the training?? they didnt mention thalia or the tree either!!! and whats up with the whole pearl thing???????? that never happened! percy got the pearls from some mermaid at the santa monica pier. whats up with annabeth?? she is supposed to be blond and 12! not 24! i am a fan of the book and if you are too i dont recommend you see the movie, you will just be disappointed becuz the movie sticks!

  155. i left the theator PISSED!!! like i had some hope for this moive, but they destoryed the book!!! the plot was ALL messed up, no Mr. D!! where’s kronos?? no mention at ALL where’s Ares??? (wtf) and y do they have to get the pearls like that? really? they messed up the underworld and missed the part about the stealing of hades… what ever it was. i’m mad! they even messed up how to get to mt. olypais(whateve).. like WTF i was mad!!! very very MAD! i suggest any fans of the book to NOT see the moive. i hope they dont make anymore of these books into movies. they BUTCHERED it


    1. NO MR. D OR ARES
    6. THE MINOTAUR DIDN’T DICINTEGRATE! (did i spell that right?)



    1. Ok let me clarify (did i spell that right) they will be making a second movie. They will add Thalia and Tyson and Clarrise in the second movie. They are starting casting in September. SO look you may think the movie was bad but dont go ruinen it for other people. Sure the movie did not follow the book at all but it was still good. Sure it would have been nice if they put the Tunnel of Love, Ares, and a bunch of other stuff like when they go to the big place and battel the lady and her freco ginormus doggy thing. Just… lay off and maybe the 2nd will be better. To you

  157. saw the movie yetsreday. I think it may have been the biggest letdown in history. They do not mention the oracle. They don’t mention Clarisse aor the helm of darkness being stolen. Persephonewas not there in the book. yet she is the one who saves them. the bolt was in the backpack Ares gave him.Yet he had the backpack the whoile time. Grover never wore the shoes in the movie,but had one of the more memorable parts in the book. they did not make it possible to continue the movies. i say thanks again hollywood for ruining a chance to make a great movie. I do not blame the cast. they did a good job considering.

  158. One Question: Did they even read the books???!!!

    Three words: Read, Recast, Remake

    -=sigh=- How pathetic.

  159. i cannot believe Rick Riordan made them make a BAD MOVIE about his book!

    Harry Potter is almost done. RICK!!! talk to the writers from harry potter and remake the damn movie!!!

    1. rick riordan did nothing wrong, he did not MAKE them make a bad movie, he just sold the rights to make it a movie so Shut Up because rick is an awesome writer and you shouldnt critisize him for something other people did

  160. I saw it!! It is really not that bad, but it it TOTALLY not like the book!! You now those 3 pearls Percy gets? Well, they have to find them with oober magic map πŸ™ I rate it a 3 out of 5. 5 being highest. Also, I know they are not going to do the sea of monsters because Percy killed luke with the flying shoes. They did not come near Tartarus at all and the flying shoes helped Percy. Now they have ruined the harry potter series and this one. Alexandra Diddario was HORRIBLE!! She pretended to kiss Logan Lerman in the movie! then they fought randomly. Oh and on Percy’s first day of camp, he has no training and leaves the next day and it is not a quest. He also has his own cabin on the lake. and the camp is in the forest and there is no half blood hill. Just a gate! I reallly suggest you see it

    1. They are makeing a “The Sea of Monsters” and trust me. This is Hollywood. They will find a way to make it work

      1. r u kidding me?! How the heck are they going to make the sea of monsters when the first one was like half the book?! Are they seriously tryng to make this series a joke?!

  161. Yeah something else to add…………Hades looked like the devil and olympus looks like all dark and scary

  162. They left out most of the main characters. the monsters looked awesome. i hope they make the sea of monsters a movie. i read the series in a week. movie=nothing like book. 2 out of 5.

  163. Agsin so much work in harry potter, yet no one gave a s*** about percy jackson! I hiley doubt any of them read the book. Watch the interview on youtube. The only person that gave the most sensible answer was Luke! And he hates the gods and goddesses!! (sp?)

  164. πŸ™ still hahve’nt seen been busy working, but hav a few friends who have seen the movie and their reviews will be the deciding factor if I go see it or not

  165. I never read the book but it looked like a good movie but it seemed like it was messed up.I agree with alot of your comments but a lot of them had messed up words

  166. Honestly guys, get over the age difference, the skin color, and the hair color. 😐 I saw the movie myself and it was excellent. The casting seems right in the movie.
    And if you’re getting so pissed at the differences, you still have the books? GET OVER IT.
    :c I like Annabeth as a brunette. She looks cute.

  167. Luka, even if the movie is still good, it should not be titled “Percy Jackson and the Olympians : The Lightning Thief”, because it is completely different. James, you should read the book if you haven’t, it is amazing.
    “I agree with alot of your comments but a lot of them had messed up words”
    Messed up words? You mean like ass shit cunt motherfucker piss and damn? So what? They’re just words, welcome to the internet.

  168. I hate the freakin movie! they HAD to change the WHOLE FREAKIN THING!!! NOT COOL!! Annabeth should be blond, ALOT younger, and play the role right!! the freakin quest is completely different too! they should have picked better people to make the movie! and you really shouldnt cuss, little-ish kids could be on here. i saw the movie and was like, WHAT THE FUDGE! Thats not right! it might have been funny, but it just wasnt the same! they ruined a completely, perfectly good series! i mean, some of the things were right, and some werent, but grover was sposed to get the flying shoes, and i was really looking forward to grover crashing into a concrete bear! and riptide was sposed to UNCAP! not click! also, percy was supposed to use a glass ball thingie, and overall, this movie just sucks!! they shouldnt make the other books into movies if theyre just gonna change everything!!

  169. Well i loved the movie. Yes they are making a second movie and Auditions begin in September. I know the movie didnt follow the book but it was still a good movie. I really didnt care about the fact that the people were too young. They still passed for a semi young age. Thats why they picked them. They didnt really look like their real age.

  170. Ok look. If you were one of the ones what hated the movie then thats fine. look they are going to mention this stuff in the 2nd. so if you have any questions or need anything clarifyed then comment and i will elaborate more on theis (i spelled that wrong)

  171. I thought the movie was good! I saw it twice! πŸ™‚
    and besides not all movies that they make is not gonna be exactly the same as the book.

  172. I agree. The movie ROCKS!!!! πŸ™‚ I wish that I could see it twice. I wish that they had the st. louis arch part in it though. IS ANYBODY HERE FROM INDIANA!!!???

  173. C’mon you say a movie will suck because of one person?! what the hell?! cant you just enjoy a good movie instead of beating it down for a minor mistake and yes i said minor because the whole movie is good besides the fact they look young!, just try to watch and enjoy a movie you critical freaks!. damn!

    1. i know i agree with you Thomas. There is no need for it. The movie was not that bad to begin with

  174. okay I am not frustrated at the people making the movie! I’m frustrated at all the people saying “Grover isn’t black!” and “Annabeth has blond curly hair!” Well get over it! so what! and sure their a little older but who cares? YOU! and it isn’t that big of a deal. You’re racist if you say that about Grover and just plain dumb if you say it about Annabeth!

  175. To all the people who are talking about movie watchers complaining about characters from the book, we have to complain about it because when we read the books we get a set visual in our mind about what the character looks like and when simple details like blonde hair, grovers hat missing as well as annabeths, percy’s warning about not being able to fly, important essential scenes missing to help you understand the plot as well as characters that help you understand and bring life to the story; when these things are missing we “Rick Riordan Fans” get pissed, and seeing as how this movie isn’t exactly Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief i think all the people on here bitching including myself have a right to. Sure they are making the second movie but since they left out so many characters in the first movie the second movies plot is going to be totally trashed too. So you guys can go enjoy the crappy second installment of Percy Jackson while i stick with the books or i save my money and buy/go see a movie that i know is worth my time.

  176. okay, i didn’t see the movie, but i did see the preview. i already know that the director didn’t read the book. i know everyone’s been talking about their ages, and i completely agree… they HAVE TO BE 12 for the GREAT PROPHECY in the last olympian so that percy’s 16! that bugs me the most. and that brunette playing annabeth— is that supposed to be a joke? there are about a million good blonde (young) actresses in the country. they could do it. chris columbus, congrats for disappointing all the percy jackson fans.

  177. Seriously, Please stop dissing the movie and admit it was good. Im sure that if none of you read the book you would probably say it was awsome. Now if you red the book then saw the movie then yes the did leave out a lot. But they based the movie off the story line of the book. So if they mad the movie and didnt follow every singel detail of the book then oh well. The movie has been made and casting for the 2nd movie is going to be held soon and there is nothing ANY of you can do about it.

  178. i love the book series and the movie. but i am mad that they are so much older. i mean 18 would be good but some of them are 24 and 26. but they look like teenagers. and annabeth and percy should have kissed. and i hope they make the 2nd movie.

  179. i know the movie will be a little different from the original book but mostly all movies that have books are not allways the same. i mean come on!! if you guys like the book then at least they made a movie so we should give them a little credit.

  180. i know the book and movie are different but all movies that have a book are most likely to be very different from their books. and just a little tip here; you should read,”Percy Jackson and the Olmpians Demigod files.” it is another book writen by Rick riorden and i think it goes right after “percy jackson the battle of the labyrinth” we’ll persephone appears in that book.

  181. Okay, so the first bopok of the new series is comin the fourth and I found out that it isn’t even the same characters! >:( Maybe they’ll show up at some point in the book and I’ll still read it, as should we all, but…idk. I was kinda looking forward to Percy and Annabeth dating. Guess we all have to give it a shot1:~ (elephant)

  182. y is annabeths hair brown!!!!!! It has to be blonde I dont get it . And thalias still a tree. She only comes alive in the 2nd book. Whats wrong with hollywood. I dont think they even read the book. I read all four books and the books r way better seriously!

  183. I love the book but i got to say the movie wasnt so great. if you didnt read the book i guess it was pretty good but it shouldnt be called the lightning theif, it was to wrong to have the same name.

    First they totally left out Ares(the god of war who gave percy the backpack that had th lighning bolt in it and he tried to kill percy when he came out of the underworld), percy used the flying shoes luke gave him (percy cant fly because Zues would nock him out of the sky, grover was supposed to wear the shoes and they would try to drag them into tartarus), percy killed luke (luke is supposed to try to kill percy back at camp after he returns from his quest with a pit scorpion and luke tells percy that kronos is rising and hes working for him and he leaves camp and left percy to die but percy gets to camp and is healed), everyone knows percy is the son of posiden( the reason why everyone helps kronos rise to take over olympus is that their godly parent wouldnt claim them and they were forced to stay in the hermes cabin and they felt their parent didnt care about them),there was no hydra in the book and they left out procrusties and the cimera, percy passed out after fighting the Minotar(grover was supposed to pass out and percy had to carry hiw across the border line of the camp and that made problems for grover with the council of cloven elders), the camp boarder line had a fancy archway(its supposed to be thalias pine tree), and the whole theme of the movie was finding the stupid pearls to get out of the underworld (the pearls only take up one page of the book when percy jumps out of a building into a lake to escape the cimera).
    Oh and the cast is all wrong, Annabeth is supposed to have blond hair, the kids are supposed to be 12 years old NOT 18-26.
    I dont see how they can ever make the other books work as movies without redoing the whole first movie.

    Oh and for all those people who call rick riordan stupid because the movie sucked, you can just shut up because he didnt make the stupid movie, he wrote the awesome book that got made into a movie thats toatally wrong.

    oh and percy chose his mom to take out of the underworld(hes suppposed to choose grover), hades the ruler of the underworld wanted war in the movie(in the book he just says that that is just what everyone would expect, but why would he want more people in his realm it was already crouded enough), and Persephone was in the movie(its summer Persephone is with her mom Demeter not in the underworld)

    there is still so much more wrong but im getting to tired to keep typing

    Rick Riordan rocks and the people who screwed up his book by making the movie suck

  184. My suggestion: read the book and don’t see the movie If you’ve already seen the movie then don’t read the book. If you do both like most of us have you won’t be happy.

  185. By the way have any of you read the new book? The Lost Hero? It’s actually a second series to the first! I suggest you read it. It’ll take your mind away form the movie.

  186. By the way have any of you read the new book? The Lost Hero? It’s actually a second series to the first! I suggest you read it. It’ll take your mind away form the movie.

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