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Yahoo! Launches Messenger App For iPhone

Yahoo! has released its new Yahoo! Messenger application for the iPhone and iPod touch. The application allows users to login to Yahoo’s messaging service, set their status with custom status messages, view recent conversations, and share photos. In addition, it offers an automatic idle mode that changes users’ statuses to idle upon leaving the application, giving them ten minutes to return to the app without missing any messages. Yahoo! Messenger is available now as a free download from the App Store.



X-Men Origins: Wolverine Leaked Footage

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Introducing Powersliding, the sport of the future or just a LEVI’s viral ad?  You decide. 

If you dig this video, powerslide your way down to the Santa Monica Pier on Wednesday April 15th from 3-5pm where Levi’s will be hosting the 3rd Annual Powersliding Competition. There’s gonna be some intense sliding, live music and other fun stuff.

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The Puma



Introducing the PUMA (Personal Urban Mobility & Accessibility) a sort of giant, two-person Segway that is designed for commuters, with a 35-mile range from its lithium-ion batteries. It has a top speed of 35 MPH, which is plenty for city cruising.

Both GM and Segway hope to have the PUMA on the road by 2012.

According to Segway, the prototype represents the shift that’s needed for the future of transportation. It values less over more; taking up less space, using less energy, produced more efficiently with fewer parts, creating fewer emissions during production and operation, all while offering more enjoyment, productivity, and connectivity.

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You’re Fired And You’re On TV

Fox has hit an all time low: real-life layoffs as reality TV. Each week of the exciting series “Someone’s Gotta Go” will feature a struggling small business that needs to fire an employee. The entire staff will be told how much everybody makes, what their performance reviews have been like, etc. Then they will discuss and vote on who should be let go. It’s being described as The Apprentice meets Survivor meets The Office, but really it is like “so depressing” meets “makes me uncomfortable.”




Worst Opening Pitches: Ceremonial Pitches Gone Bad

What does every president since William Howard Taft, Verne “Mini-Me” Troyer, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and a nude female skydiver have in common?

All have thrown out the ceremonial pitch at a major league baseball game. And yes, a female skydiver in her birthday suit landed at Hi Corbett Field in Tucson, Arizona, to throw out the opening pitch in a 1978 minor league game.

Some of those ceremonial pitches were strikes and others were…well, not even close. In honor of Opening Day, HERE are the five worst opening pitches of all-time.





With 3D PhotoFace you can render uploaded 2D images into ultra-lifelike 3D avatars. Upload a single head shot to create a fully rendered 3D face. Then, you can easily manipulate the features: age, emotional expression, makeup and accessories.

Users can also alter nose, eyes, mouth, and more. 3D PhotoFace also allows users to add speech to characters via a computer microphone, uploaded mp3 file, phone call or Text to Speech.


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Bravo Announces Top Chef Masters

Yesterday Bravo announced a premiere date for its new Top Chef spinoff, Top Chef Masters. The series will feature 24 world-renowned chefs competing in Top Chef-style challenges. The winner receives $100,000 for charity.

Contestants include a bunch of folks we’ve seen as judges on the original Top Chef, including Wylie Dufresne, Art Smith and Rick Bayless. That definitely ups the stakes, though the cool guest stars might add the most flavor to this show: Neil Patrick Harris, Zooey Deschanel and Lost‘s Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse are all scheduled to appear.

Tune in June 10 for the delicious debut. Top Chef Masters won’t forget its roots, either: Look for all past Top Chef winners to appear in an episode, too. (Reprinted from Pop Candy)


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