American Idol Results From 4-15-09

American Idol” history was made tonight. Here is the recap:


Allison Iraheta and Adam Lambert’s names were called first, and both were safe. The news wasn’t so great for Anoop Desai, who was the first singer to land in the bottom three. Kris Allen then stood up with Lil Rounds. Ryan asked Kris to take a seat on the couch of safety, sending Lil to the bottom three. Matt Giraud and Danny Gokey were the final pair of singers to stand up and learn their fate. Danny looked panicked, but Matt was the one to take the final spot in the bottom three. Ryan immediately sent one singer to safety. It was Anoop. That left Matt and Lil in the bottom, and Matt was the bottom vote-getter. After Matt sang for his life, Simon told him he didn’t think he had a chance to win the competition. The comment stung, as Matt shook his head. Then, Simon said, “It’s good news.” Matt was blown away as Ryan announced, “Idol history has been made,” due to the fact that for the first time in eight seasons, the judges used their own discretion to save a contestant who’d been voted off. Simon reminded everyone that the news wasn’t entirely great. Two singers will go home next week.



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11 thoughts on “American Idol Results From 4-15-09

  1. I like Matt but he isnt the best….this will give him one more chance but it may be time for him to go. I do agree that he’s better than Lil Rounds but there are so many left that are better than both. Wonder if he’ll just go next week anyway?

  2. I find that Anoop should have went home this week or Lil Rounds should have went home, what is Americas problem!!!!!!!!!!! SEND ANOOP HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I really do not like Lil Rounds I think she should have been the one to go home. Matt is so much better then she is and so are a lot of the others. I really hope she goes home next week.

  4. Nice. Simon doesn’t think he has a chance to win so they save him anyway. Either use it on a good singer or not at all. They should have saved it in case Adam or Danny got voted off. Neither should be -Not until the top 4 or 3- but America can be quite… wrong.

  5. i think that lil should have been gone a long time ago…. there is absolutely nothing special about her, there are a million other singers just like her out already. as for anoop, his personality has carried him too far, and he needs to leave soon… matt has a unique vibe about him, and although he isn’t the greatest, he will sell albums regardless… he has the ability to develope a fan base… personally, i love adam lambert, he is so talented and so original, and yes, he has had a career in music before, and people don’t think that its fair, but you cannot deny his talent… when he did mad world, it gave me chills, and that is one of my favorite songs of all time and he did amazing, tho i didn’t love all of the transposing… so, please make sure that anoop and lil leave next week!!! they are not good enough to continue!!!

  6. Matt Giraud may not be the best in AI, but he’s the type of artist that will sell records. Adam Lambert is just extremely talented, i dont think anybody can deny that.

    Kris Allen deserves to be in the top simply because he’s improving week after week. When he first got in the top 12, everyone kept saying it’s because of his looks. And maybe that’s true. But he really has improved tremendously as an artist.

    Lil should have been voted off long ago, and I agree, although Anoop is good, his personality is not likable at all.

  7. Anoop has the third best voice, not third worst. Voters are biased. Kris Allen should be in bottom 3 consistently. Matt or Lil deserve to beat it.

    Adam screams to much. Danny is boring. The other girl has no versatility.

  8. Adam is by far the best. They need to just stop the show and crown him the winner. haha. I know they won’t do that. Lil should have been sent home last night. I think Kris, Matt, and Allison will be signed to a record deal even if they don’t win. I like Danny but as my hubby pointed out — something about his voice reminds me of Taylor Hicks. Remember, he won Idol a couple of years ago. Don’t think we’ve heard too much from him since. I like Anoop’s voice on the slow songs. Somebody, somewhere will probably find a way to market him somehow.

  9. Adam has already won! Even all the other conestants know this. The judges as well, The runner up is clearl evident: dear-sweet Allison. And my vot for spioler, is Lil. If she quickly learns manners, and never again dis Simon (Gasp!), but sing her best, as I know she can. she will stand out, I believe, inspite of all the Lil bashers.

    Close you eyes, and re-listen to her incredible voice! She will rise again, somewhere like Jordan, but maybe not as high. Sadly, the American public is a popularity contest, and folks are easily fooled by not seeing talent, but selecting performers by appearence, sweetness, and adoreable smile. True worthiness often gets ignored, as in Home Comming Queen Contestants. And the bench mark is based on silly agendas. Grow up America! CHOOSE WISLY!

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