Meet The Peapod

Peapod introduces a new culture of driving that represents a shift in the way you go from point A to point B. The new eco-iconic design language of the Peapod signals the next generation of transportation. The Peapod is a MOBI — a new category of low-speed vehicle — that’s eco-friendly and people friendly. And it’s made of over 95% recycled and recyclable materials. It can go on any road with a posted speed limit of 35 miles per hour.

The Peapod all-electric vehicle is charged like an appliance. Like your cell phone, iPod and laptop, your vehicle is as simple as all your other pocket-friendly devices.  It charges at any standard 110-volt outlet and goes up to 30 miles on a single 6 to 8 hour charge. High-tech meets humanity with ergonomic mesh seating and a roomy interior, combined with an iPod or iPhone docking station to keep you connected. And it has lockable, sealable doors to keep you and your stuff dry and secure.


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