Spoiler Alert: Who Got Voted Off American Idol On 4-22-09

It’s a historic night on “American Idol” tonight as the Top 7 suffered a double whammy to cut the field down to five. Both Lil Rounds and Anoop Desai were sent home.  The remaining top five contestants are Kris Allen, Adam Lambert, Danny Gokey, Allison Iraheta and Matt Giraud.  


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9 thoughts on “Spoiler Alert: Who Got Voted Off American Idol On 4-22-09

  1. I will miss Anoop Dogg but it was time for Lil to go (and not just because of Simon). I hope Kris can hang on another week as he is improving greatly. I guess it is Matt who needs to go next week, then Danny (although I like him a lot) Then the three GREATS can finish out the contest!!!

  2. yeah same here. no complaints on them leaving. but i really wonder what happened to lil. she used to be REALLY awesome, but on her recent performances, something seems to be always missing… she wasn’t able to give her all and that’s what’s quite sad about it.

  3. I liked Anoop but knew he wasn’t going to make it to the top. I think the final two will be Adam and Kris.

  4. I am not surprised those 2 went.
    i think the 3 best are Danny, Allison, Kris
    I do not want Adam to win. Hes annnoying and screechy.

  5. I am so happy to see that the last 5 are the one’s that deserve to be in the top 5. I think Anoop and LiL were both very talented, especially Anoop and I think they will continue on with their singing carers and will be successful in what the furture holds for them. But as far as who the next two that should be voted off the show that will be a tough decision. But my top three favorite are Danny, Adam and Kris.

  6. ALLISON & MATT & DANNY !!!!
    WHOOO <3
    Lil’ they just dog her everyweek ,
    but she has kinda’ gotten worse . . . .
    ANOOP’ i hated him when he sung Usher !

  7. This web site must be the home of the deaf and the prejudice because no one here seems to understand the vocal range or extraordinary talent of Adam Lambert. I suppose his sexual preferences have everybody here in total denial. Well, we shall all see who becomes the superstar and whom you will never hear of ever again after the idol publicity wears off. You will all look very foolish when Adam Lambert’s star shines brighter than any other idols in American Idol history. It does not take genius to recognize genius but it does take courage.

  8. wow…just because we’re not all in love with him doesn’t mean we hate him for his sexual preferences. i personally think he is very talented but takes it too far at times. schreaching and screaming doesn’t always equal great vocals. btw, his rendition of JC’s “ring of fire” was lame. get the chip off your shoulder concerning your lifestyle agenda and just listen to vocals; then you’ll see what i mean.

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