Apple iPhone May Be Available On Verizon Next Year

Verizon executives have been in “high-level” discussions with Apple managers about the possible development of an iPhone for the network, reports USA Today. If materialized, the device, which would be put on the market next year, would mark the first time an iPhone was available on a CDMA wireless network, ( AT&T’s is on GSM). AT&T has exclusive U.S. distribution rights to the iPhone into 2010, though Verizon’s co-owner, Vodaphone, already sells the iPhone in Europe.





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3 thoughts on “Apple iPhone May Be Available On Verizon Next Year

  1. A bunch of my friends got one of these and i was just going to get an ipod touch (i have verizon), but now i think i will look further into this and hopefully get an iphone instead

  2. OMG!! im getting myy first phone and i realy want the ihone but i have verizon!!! now i can gert it!! me and brother realy want it my bro already has a phone but hes getting a new 1!!!!!!! thanks u verizon!!

  3. I think Steve Jobs is making Verizon to kiss his ass but he wont give the Iphone to them, after all when Steve Jobs went to Verizon in 2006 with the Iphone Verizon told him to go away that they decide how a phone should be made

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