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Looking for the best HDTV under a grand? Or maybe a killer razor to keep your facial in check? Or need to know the general consensus on denim shirts? Look no further. In partnership with Gillette, we’re pleased to announce Uncrate Answers, a new feature that lets you crowdsource for gear, tips, and other man-specific advice, using the best source of information possible: your fellow Uncrate readers. Questions aren’t limited to “stuff” either — whether you need help diagnosing a strange noise coming from your hard drive, finding the proper balance of class and casualness when dressing for your next corporate event, or simply need a recipe to impress a date, ask away. Of course, our editors will also be around to help answer your questions and offer advice. So sign up (or sign in using your Uncrate Stuff username), head on over, and ask your most pressing question or start sharing your knowledge with the rest of us.


Published by Larry Fire

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