Who Got Voted Off American Idol On 5-6-09

And then there were three. Allison Iraheta was sent home tonight.  The remaining top three American Idol contestants are Kris Allen, Adam Lambert, and Danny Gokey.


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18 thoughts on “Who Got Voted Off American Idol On 5-6-09

  1. WHAT??? thats crazy! she is amazing! that duet should have saved her at least =(

  2. So Glad it wasn’t Chris. Gotta love an Arkansas boy!
    He has grown so much during his time on Idol. Im ready to buy his music now.

    1. Chris is so weak! Alison is WAY more talented than he is. There is a difference betweening liking a certain contestant and then realizing the real talent levels.

      1. More talented? Chris is the only “musician” on the show. i think he sings better than allison AND he plays instruments as well. he may not be in the mold of pop stars these days, but he is definately more talented.

  3. NO WAY!!! Chris or Danny should have gone home. I am discussted. I won’t watch it now for the remainder

  4. Chris will be next, then down to Danny and Adam. Danny has a better CD voice but Adam is the total package. Hard to say who it is going to be this year…

  5. omg i cannot believe she got voted off! its should have been kris. danny and adam and alison r WAY better then kris… im so depressed

  6. what are you all talking about. Danny Is Too Karaoke & Suked on Tue. Chris is better than Danny. But Allison Is beter than the Both of them.. Final 2 should of been Allison & Adam. Adam well Hes got it ALL He Will Win. By Far!!! But second should of been Allison. Next week Danny will go. Hes Annoying.

  7. WAT????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/


  8. im glad she got voted off and not kris, danny, and especially not adam! out of those people, she would hav to be the least talented. im NOT saying she isnt talented, she is. remember she probably will become famous.


  9. im soooooooooo glad that adam lambert didnt get voted off he is the best. allison is good 2. but gokeys gotta go off. adam is way better than gokey adn kris.

  10. allison was a really performer and singer. it should have been her and adam in final two they both are really talented. either danny or kris should have gone home last night.

  11. Who Can Stand All The Screaming Adam Does It Is Annoying I Have To TeVo it So I Can Fast Forward Threw Him.. Kris Is Hot But I really liked Allison!… I Dont Care Who Wins Now…….

  12. Not a fan of adam’s at all! A little bit if him goes a long way!

    Go Danny and Chris!

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