Who Was Voted Off American Idol On 5-13-09?

Danny Gokey was voted off of American Idol tonight.  The final two American Idol contestants are Adam Lambert and Kris Allen. The winner of this season will be determined next Wednesday.


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3 thoughts on “Who Was Voted Off American Idol On 5-13-09?

  1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Danny Gokey i loved you and i still do! dont worry you are awesome i WILL BUY YOUR ALBUM!!!!

  2. Kris is a great singer, but quality is what should stand out. Danny has the range and the experience in life to meet the challenge. He is heart felt and has been through hell, he knows what real life is about and what fantasy is, he has experienced life in it’s untold degree and I think Danny should be in the running. He seems like he is a good, cool guy who knows what he wants and who knows what he is doing. This to please himself, and his deceased wife. I think this is so commendable. He has the talent to prove it. Tonight was a mistake. Danny should be in the running with Adam. Because vocally they are matched. They are awesome singers both of them…

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  3. i really think if paula hadnt picked that song for him he would still be there so i blame her..she was the only one dancing when he was singing he did do a great job but c’mon folks that song was way wrong for his style.

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