On LOST: What Did Richard Say to Illana When She Asked Him What Lies At The Foot Of The Statue?

It’s Latin.

The translation is

“He who will protect us all.”

Ille = pronoun – he
qui = pronoun – who or which
nos = pronoun – us
omnes = noun – all
servabit = passive verb, future tense, 3rd person singular – will protect


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8 thoughts on “On LOST: What Did Richard Say to Illana When She Asked Him What Lies At The Foot Of The Statue?

  1. Is this a statue of Horace?

    Is there a connection to the Horace of the Dharma initiative?

  2. No! This is Anubis! The protector of the dead!!!

    Damnit! They’re all dead. That’s really not very interesting.

  3. Originally, Sobek was probably a dark god who had to be appeased to give the people his protection against crocodiles. Sobek had a dark streak that stayed with him for the time he was worshiped. In The Book of the Dead, he was showed as four crocodiles who were believed to attack the deceased in the underworld. This dark side sometimes put him in the camp of Set. In one version of the tale of Osiris, Isis had to place Horus into a little boat of papyrus reeds to protect him from a menacing Sobek. His form of a crocodile – one of Set’s creatures – linked him closely to the enemy of Horus. It was believed that Set turned himself into a crocodile to escape from Horus, and Sobek was punished for allowing this.

  4. Sobek is correct. The satue on the last episode had a crocodile face. Tawret is represented by hippo. They must of changed their minds.

  5. I would say it is more likely that it is Horus (the painting, behind Ben, what with the wings and all.


    Or maybe it is Osiris?


    And the act we saw was what Set did to Osiris?


    Now the question is, who is Isis and Thoth?


    I believe Thoth could be Richard. And Illana could be Isis.

    Nonetheless, knowing Lost it could be anything: “Show something, is different”

    I just feel like I see too many birds on the paintings…

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