Why George Drew 007 Into Meredith’s Hand On The Grey’s Anatomy Finale

In the first episode of the series, Burke chose George to do a procedure, an appendectomy. When inverting the stump, George pulled to hard on the strings and wound up tearing the tstrings and making the area around the appendix contaminated. Burke had to step in before the patient went septic and possibly died. Up in the gallery, the other interns were betting on how long George would last before he had to ask for assistance. When the strings tore Christina labeled George “007” and Alex filled in “Licensed to kill”, a James Bond reference.


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5 thoughts on “Why George Drew 007 Into Meredith’s Hand On The Grey’s Anatomy Finale

  1. Thanks for the info. I had wondered how many episodes I would need to watch before I found out the answer.

  2. I am sure the script writers chose the least remembered nickname for George to develop the plot and for the audience to hang on. They are very clever and made the people more want more of Grey’s Anatomy. The rumors may have been started by the producers of the stars leaving may have been a set-up – very cheeky I might say.

    I watch the show because I interested with the medical side of things and how patient’s lives and circumstances made them to the hospital. I don’t like the love relationship aspects. I would choose House but the guy just reminds me of my former boss. LOL.

  3. I’ve been watching Grey’s since it came on and couldnt remember where 007 came from. I’m a big Grey’s fan. Thanks for the info!

  4. i think they should replay the episode where they did call him 007!! that would be great! i’ve been watching it since day one, and also did not remember where it came from.

  5. I assumed I missed some line earlier in the show and went back through scenes with George to identify the reference. It was interesting the 2nd time around to see when George stopped appearing in scenes. I found this story line to be very clever, more consistent with the quality of writing in the first couple seasons.

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