Bazooka Joe Coming to the Big Screen

The Hollywood Reporter says that Michael Eisner and his Tornante Co. have hired newcomer Mark Hammer to write a feature adaptation of “Bazooka Joe,” the comic strip that comes with Bazooka bubble gum.

“Bazooka Joe” has been a comic strip used as an advertising device for the gum since the 1950s. Joe, who wears an eye patch for reasons never explained, has child-friendly misadventures, sometime joined by a host of friends with the names Pesty, Mort (always with a turtleneck sweater pulled up over his mouth), Toughie, Hungry Herman, love interest Jane and a dog named Walkie Talkie.

Bazooka, the gum and the comic, are part of trading card company Topps’ stable. Eisner purchased the company in 2007 for $380 million with a mandate to rejuvenate the brand.


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