The Top 40 Movie Soundtracks

What makes a great soundtrack? A collection of killer songs, the perfect encapsulation of a film’s storyline and mood, a cohesive album that stands on its own … or better yet, all that at once.

Moviefone sifted through decades of movie soundtracks in every musical and cinematic genre, and came up with a Top 40 list of albums that moved them — in all senses of the word — from crowd-pleasers (‘The Wedding Singer,’ ‘The Big Chill’) to audiophiles’ love letters (‘High Fidelity,’ ‘Rushmore’) to single-artist experiments (‘Superfly,’ ‘The Graduate’) and everything in between (‘Nashville’). Check out the best soundtracks of all time HERE.

pulp cd

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One thought on “The Top 40 Movie Soundtracks

  1. I do not agree with the ranking omits soundtracks and oscar winning prizes such as: The GodFather Twin Peaks, Shindler List, Cinema Paradiso, Dracula “Francis For Coppola”, CLASSIC Star Wars, Halloween “Jhon Carpenters”, The Omen etc,etc,etc.

    It seems very little studied Ranking

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