Eddie Murphy: Delirious 25th Anniversary Edition DVD

Travel back to the days before Eddie Murphy became synonymous with crappy family comedies with Eddie Murphy: Delirious 25th Anniversary Edition ($27). This 70-minute stand-up comedy classic features a 22-year-old Murphy uncensored and uncut, railing on everything from the ice cream man to modern entertainment, and also includes a making of clip featuring Chris Rock, Katt Williams, Cedric the Entertainer, Chris Tucker and others. The DVD is due in stores on June 2nd, 2009.


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3 thoughts on “Eddie Murphy: Delirious 25th Anniversary Edition DVD

  1. “MY SHOE!”


    How many times did we watch/ listen to THIS in college…?

    1. We listened to this hundreds of times until we memorized the whole routine and it’s still hillarious today, I watched it again last week…Gooney Goo Goo, your wife’s a bigfoot Gus. Glad you remember!

  2. This was when Eddie was actually funny. Something awesome to look forward to. Eddie Murphy Raw was pretty great too!

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