Sergio Santos’ Small Space, Big Ideas

Sergio Santos, an out-of-work architect, has converted a small electrical room, about the size of a large walk-in closet, into his living quarters in Delray Beach, Florida. Santos agreed to rent this room for $150 a month.


He estimates the makeover cost $64.


Santos’ room is about 5 and a half feet across, and serves as bedroom, office and mini kitchen.  See more images HERE.




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7 thoughts on “Sergio Santos’ Small Space, Big Ideas

  1. where does he keep his clothes

    • larryfire says:

      I was wondering the same thing, perhaps he recieved the use of a hall closet?

    • autwo says:

      he hangs his clothes next to the tv and has access to a bathroom and kitchen which is shared with three other tenants…remember he lives in a closet which is inside a house…

  2. tigerfan says:

    behind the bed, next to the tv….

  3. tigerfan says:

    so where does he go when nature calls? or for a shower?

  4. kevrokr says:

    Behind the bed, next to the tv also….

  5. chinedu Okonkwo says:

    He is a big inspiration to us 40 yr olds, great ingenuity

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