The Married Life Montage in Pixar’s Up

There’s a short new article appearing in the Entertainment section of the Los Angeles Times specifically about the poignant, critically-acclaimed four-minute-long montage that anchors Carl’s story early on in Up (termed “Married Life” on the Up soundtrack).

Pete Docter and Jonas Rivera share their thoughts on the various aspects of the montage, such as the inclusion of the heartrending scene of Ellie crying at the doctors’ office after having a miscarriage and the use of particular colors to assist in illustrating the various stages of Carl and Ellie’s life together.



3 thoughts on “The Married Life Montage in Pixar’s Up

  1. One of the greatest scenes that I can remember in a long time.

  2. cheerio says:

    i just finally got around to blogging about this movie, this very scene today …

    great movie, but like Nemo,
    i won’t be able to watch it again

  3. Jeff says:

    My wife and I watched this movie for the first time this weekend. The relationship between these two characters made us both cry.

    We’re 50 years old, and have been together since we were teenagers. My wife is now terminally ill. The later scene, when the husband was going through the scrap book, really did us in.

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