The Beatles Box of Vision

Box of Vision

With less than two months until the Beatles’ remastered catalog is reissued on September 9th, the Fab Four and Apple Corps. have announced a deluxe companion set called Box Of Vision ($80) for fans to store the upcoming releases. The Box of Vision isn’t just a storage vessel, however: The set will also feature a 200-page LP-sized book featuring all of the Beatles artwork — covers, back covers, gatefolds and inserts from both the U.S. and U.K. releases — covering every album from Please Please Me to the Beatles Love compilation.

An additional book in the Box of Vision will also house the Beatles’ “Catalography,” featuring all the track lists and other information from every release, plus a new essay from Beatles historian Bruce Spizer. But the real highlight is the storage book, which gives fans an eye-catching alternative to just plopping their reissued albums on the shelf. The Box of Vision was conceived to allow the digipaks housing the reissued albums to be stored within the box. Please note that the Beatle’s CD’s and booklets are not included in the package.

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