Hold Off On Purchasing The Watchmen DVD Until Christmas

The Watchmen: Director’s Cut DVD is due on Tuesday but a more expansive collection is due later this year. The Ultimate Collector’s Edition of Watchmen set is coming in December and will span 5 discs! For reference, the director’s cut set is three discs, one of which is dedicated to the standard definition digital copy.

The new collection will include a brand new commentary track from director Zack Snyder and Dave Gibbons, 2+ hours of bonus content including Hollis Mason’s Tell All, Under the Hood, and the complete Watchmen Motion Comics.

The most intriguing addition is Tales of the Black Freighter which will be woven into the director’s cut of Watchmen for an all-new creative cut of the film.  Both Under the Hood and Tales of the Black Freighter were sold in separate single DVD’s so this upcoming Collector’s Edition is the most comprehensive set and it’s only a five month wait.  Lastly, if you sign up HERE before December 1st, you will receive a $10 coupon towards the purchase of the Watchmen Ultimate Collector’s Edition.


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