Time Magazine Talks To Author Dave Eggers

After the publication of his 2000 memoir, A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, critics labeled Dave Eggers the voice of a new generation. English majors adored him. The Pulitzer committee nominated him. But Eggers seemed relatively unaffected by his newfound fame. He launched a successful independent publishing house, McSweeney’s, started an after-school tutoring center and went on to write a series of books that ranged from the wholly fictional (You Shall Know Our Velocity) to the almost entirely true (What Is the What). Now he has entered new literary territory with a thoroughly researched, completely factual account of one man’s struggles during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. That man is Abdulrahman Zeitoun (pronounced Zay-tune), a Syrian immigrant who stays in New Orleans after the hurricane hit to look after his property and is arrested on suspicion of looting. Eggers talks to TIME about Zeitoun the book, Zeitoun the man, and why his story is worth telling.  Read more HERE.


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