ABC Launching LOST University

ABC is launching LOST University, a website filled with course descriptions (Introductory Physics of Time Travel), selected reading (A Treatise of Human Nature by David Hume), and a faculty directory. Included among the many real-life academics on staff is actor Jeremy Davies (Daniel Faraday).

It appears that LOST University is both an elaborate promotion for the Season 5 DVD (in stores later this year) and a nifty alternate reality game designed to keep LOST top-of-mind in the months leading up to its sixth and final season. Visitors to Comic-Con this week are already finding clues (including a phone number for a Professor Nusedorf: 818-824-6300) suggesting that a major component to LOST University begins on September 22, a date of significance in LOST lore. (9/22/04: Oceanic 815 crashed on The Island.

Check out the new site HERE and sign up for the fall semester.


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