Want To Buy Hurley’s Winning Lotto Ticket From LOST?

How about Charlie’s guitar, or Locke’s hunting knife, or young Sawyer’s letter to the man who destroyed his family?

With the final season of  LOST coming next year, ABC is auctioning off these and other iconic props, set pieces, costumes and collectors’ artifacts from the show to the highest bidder. There will be a special sneak preview of the items at the San Diego Comic-Con convention, which gets underway Thursday. Mr. Eko’s club and Kate’s obsessively chased toy plane are also up for grabs.

The items will be auctioned by Profiles in History, which has previously sold off other memorabilia like a T.I.E. Fighter miniature from “Star Wars” ($402,500), Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber ($240,000), the Command Chair from the U.S.S. Enterprise ($304,750) and the H.R. Giger designed creature suit from “Alien” ($126,500). For more info go HERE.


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