LOST Season 6 Teasers From Comic-Con

LOST executive producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof held court with roughly 6,500 fans for their last-ever Comic-Con this morning and brought with them a few VIP guests: Jorge Garcia, Michael Emerson, Nestor Carbonell, Josh Holloway and Dominic Monaghan. Here are some of the teases they gave for the sixth and final season of the show:

-The producers suggested that the timeline may have been changed by Juliet banging on the H-bomb in the season finale. They illustrated the possibility by showing spoof commercials of Hurley endorsing Mr. Cluck’s and America’s Most Wanted hunting for a still at-large Kate. Both commercials seemed to take place in a continuity where Oceanic 815 did not crash. Were these legit teases—or just jokes? Lindelof wouldn’t comment, but acknowledged that the show would be unwise to leave fans feeling cheated with a storyline that intimated the past five seasons never happened.

-Juliet and Faraday will appear in Season 6.

-Viewers will get significant Richard Alpert backstory in Season 6. It may or may not be tied to Black Rock.

-The Dharma Initiative mythology won’t be as emphasized as much as it was in Season 5; it might not get much attention at all. Fear not, you will get your Dharma fix through a series of web videos called “Mysteries of the Universe: The Dharma Initiative.” Launching soon.

-The producers promised a season that will tonally resemble Season 1: much jungle adventure, emotional resonance, and a sense of discovery. When asked if Season 6 would offer flashbacks to characters’ pasts, Cuse said that Season 6 would take a different approach to flashbacks, but did not elaborate.

-In response to a fan question, the producers said that the mysterious Jacob has never assumed the form of anyone else, such as Claire.

-Funny recurring gag: In attempt to prove that they haven’t been writing the series on the fly, the producers locked the final page of the series finale script in a box, and said that the box would be opened on Jimmy Kimmel Live! the night that the series finale airs. When Josh Holloway came on stage, he tasered Lindelof, and forced Cuse to open the box. Michael Emerson did a dramatic reading of the page, which turned out to be… a scene from Heroes. (From EW.com)


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