Season 2 of Man V. Food Debuts Wednesday

The second season of Man v. Food debuts Wednesday. Adam Richman heads to Charleston, S.C.; Oahu, Hawaii; Washington, D.C.; Boise; Anchorage, Alaska; and other fine cities. The premiere airs at 10 p.m. on the Travel Channel. On Wednesday’s episode, Richman arrives in San Antonio, Texas, to try a burger that’s so hot you “have to sign a waiver” before you eat it. (Reprinted from Pop Candy)

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One thought on “Season 2 of Man V. Food Debuts Wednesday

  1. This is one of the greatest shows on television. People will bitch that he’s everything that is wrong with america, but whatever, he’s likable and the show is entertaining, it even made me seek out some other food challenges out there, which lead me to That site lists a bunch of challenges that haven’t been on Man v. Food yet.

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