Planes, Trains and Automobiles Special Edition DVD

Paramount Home Entertainment has announced a special edition of  Planes, Trains and Automobiles which stars Steve Martin, John Candy, and Kevin Bacon. The John Hughes directed film will be available to own from the 20th October, and should retail at around $14.99. Extras will include 3 featurettes (“Getting There is Half the Fun: The Story of Planes Trains and Automobiles”, “John Hughes for Adults”, “John Candy”), and a deleted scene (“Airplane Food”).


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5 thoughts on “Planes, Trains and Automobiles Special Edition DVD

  1. One deleted scene? There are apparently 90 minutes of deleted scenes that exist for this film. What an insult to repackage a bare-bones version of this DVD with one deleted scene, which is often seen when the film is shown on television, and 3 “featurettes”, which means “very short”, worthless features. This 22-year old film is quite possibly the funniest movie ever made and why it continues to get the shaft is a mystery to me. Alert me when there’s a 2-disc DVD replete with deleted scenes and a decent documentary. Otherwise, no thanks.

  2. I agree with Jeff W. conceptually. However, I have seen the single deleted scene once (it was included in a CBS broadcast of the movie) and to see it again is worth the price of the disc.

  3. Ahh, what a joke! Like the above, I’ve been waiting YEARS for a special edition of this movie, and STILL they wont release all those hiddens gems!!! Dying to see the full scene of Neal eating a horrible pizza at the Braidwood Inn, or how Del got that black eye (you can see it at the train station scene near the end of the film!) PLEASE SORT THIS OUT YOU SWINES!!!

  4. It’s the same reason Goonies 2 was canned (even though it was written by the original cast, who drafted the script)..profit, and political-correctness.

    This is on the best films I have ever seen, I grew up with it, cherished it. I watched it with my family, some of whom aren’t here today. It’s part of my life. It’s also interesting that it has very little or no CGI, no vile, repulsive violence (apart from Dell being punch in a fragile area..I reel every time I see it), and no huge explosions or ‘trendy’ actors under 20 years old acting like they’ve been everywhere and done everything.

    No, it’s none of that, a lot more. It’s a funny film most people can relate to, it’s shot in a variety of locations and it stars two awesome people both on and off the stage. To cap it off, it’s directed by a great man who is no longer with us.

    Most of today’s films are a juxtaposition of this classic; they appeal to people with short attention spans, and are made by people who care nothing about the film, but the money. Films made in that era have out-classed and out-lived virtually anything available today. This is the fusion of art, hard work..and love for what you do. They could not make this film today because the first thing on their minds would be political-correctness, propaganda and profit.

    You can keep the modern stuff – this is a timeless classic from a time when films were a lot more enjoyable than they are today. Please release all the extra material (the nerve of us to ask for a 3 hour film that millions love and cherish), thank you. Call it a tribute to John Hughes, and everyone else who gave us a happy reminder of our times on this planet.

  5. This is a classic movie. Like the above comment said paramount has ALLOT of extra film in a vault probably deteriorated by now but to release a classic movie with such limited special features is an insult. I like this movie but unless the dvd released includes, making of, behind the scenes, audio commentary, etc I probably wont be getting it. Just another example of why hollywood dvd sales are down.

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