Monopoly City Streets


Google is teaming up with board game maker Hasbro to launch a Google Maps version of Monopoly. Monopoly City Streets allows users to compete in a live, worldwide version of the popular game, creating the biggest Monopoly tournament ever played.

On the 9th September, a world of property empire building on an unimaginable scale will be launched! A live worldwide game of Monopoly using Google Maps as the game board. The goal is simple. Play to beat your friends and the world to become the richest property magnate in existence.

Own any street in the world. Build humble houses, crazy castles and stupendous skyscrapers to collect rent. Which strategy will you employ? Determined drive? Ingenious daring? Intelligent caution? Will you thrive under the pressure of a fast growing global property empire – or will you crumble? Find out if you’ll thrive, or even survive, in the amazing world of Monopoly City Streets.


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  1. This looks like a pretty neat mash-up – if you can call it that. Just been over to the site to have a play and I have a feeling it could become very addictive.

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