Watchmen: The Utlimate Cut DVD

Warner has announced 5-disc DVD ($43.87) and 4-disc Blu-ray ($59.99) releases of Watchmen: The Utlimate Cut for the 3rd November. As well as the “Ultimate Cut” of the film which integrates the animated Tales of The Black Freighter, each release will include 2 all-new audio commentaries with director Zack Snyder and illustrator Dave Gibbons, over 3 hours of special features (“The Phenomenon: The Comic that Changed Comics”, “Real Super Heroes, Real Vigilantes”, “Mechanics: Technologies of a Fantastic World”, “Watchmen: Video Journals”, “My Chemical Romance Desolation Row”, “Under The Hood”, “Story Within A Story: The Books of Watchmen”), a digital copy of the theatrical version, and Watchmen: The Complete Motion Comics.


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