Y Water


Y Water ($23) is water with a tasty twist. Organic and naturally flavored, this uniquely packaged beverage is fortified with calcium and vitamins that support a child’s healthy bone development. When the drink is gone, the bottle is recyclable, but there’s a more interesting option. Pick up a bag of Y knots and you can turn the bottles into a fascinating building set, and let imaginations run wild. With this 24-pack of Y Water, there will be plenty of construction materials at your disposal once you’ve enjoyed the contents.


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One thought on “Y Water

  1. That’s way cool!

    But if it’s just over-priced water that ends up creating an overpriced toy, it’s not as cool…

    $1 isn’t bad for a bottle of water at the store, but I try to play less than $4 a case. Heck, I try to pays less than $6 for a case of soda. I wonder how much the Y Knots are?

    Gary from http://GarySaid.com/

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