Playgrounds From the 70’s

Many of us who are parents now can remember when going to the playground was an adventure with a lot more dangerous thrill than we want for our kids today. Check out these Playgrounds from the 70’s and bring back those fond memories of burning hot metal slides and splintery seesaws. They might not have been the safest places to play, but who knows, maybe if playgrounds were still shaped like rocket ships and robots, kids would ask to go to the park more and play Xbox less.


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2 thoughts on “Playgrounds From the 70’s

  1. OMG! Totally brought back childhood memories! There is a pre-school across the street from where I live that still has a rocket ship in its yard. I remember all the parks in town having these types of play equipment…specifically Peck Park. Very cool. Thanks for the link!

  2. You are totally right about the need for improving playground designs. A lot is being done currently to take playground designs to a place they once were and hopefully far further. Take a look at this site in San Mateo, California that our company, Miracle Playsystems orchestrated and tell us what you think…

    Another good point you made was about making those designs better so kids want to get outside and partake in activity. We couldn’t agree more with the benefits of play and strive to create playgrounds that are entertaining as well as safe and endearing. Great Photo! by the way.

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