New Game Releases For Nov. 1 – Nov. 6

It’s Monday so that means it’s time to get some play.  If last week didn’t put a dent in your wallet, this week’s list is here to give it the old college try.

The big headliner is Dragon Age: Origins.  Embrace your inner nerd.  Put down that twelve-sided dice and pick up a copy of the game that’s sure to scratch a twenty year-old D-n-D itch.  The creators of last year’s epic sci-fi adventure Mass Effect set out to prove that their path to the stars was truly forged on the edge of a sword by taking us on a trip to the magical dark ages of serpents and sorcery.  Day one has downloadable content already available on Xbox 360.   

Star Wars is back to prove how far it can push the boundaries of a licensing deal with two titles: a re-packaged, slightly cooler version of The Force Unleashed on consoles and a new Battlefront on the handhelds.

Finally, Lego Rock Band and Band Hero both let the kids get in on the act of playing fake music by keeping up the continuing the assault of new rhythm games.

Here’s the full line-up with more than 60 titles dropping this week.  Not sure I really want to know what Buck Fever is, but I’ll probably find out the hard way.

Sunday (Nov. 1)
Doc Louis’s Punch-Out!! (Wii)
Rabbids Go Home (DS, Wii)

Monday (Nov. 2)
This Is Vegas (PS3, PC, 360)
Style Savvy (DS)
Dreamkiller (360)
Need for Speed: Nitro (Wii, DS)
Playmobil 2 Pack (PC)

Tuesday (Nov. 3)
Academy of Champions (Wii)
Band Hero (Wii, PS2, 360, PS3, DS)
C.O.P. The Recruit (DS)
Disney’s A Christmas Carol (DS)
Dora the Explorer: Dora Puppy Playtime (DS)
Dora the Explorer: Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom (Wii)
Dragon Age: Origins (PC, 360, PS3)
Dragon Age: Origins – The Stone Prisoner (360)
Dragon Age: Origins – Warden’s Keep (360)
Food Network: Cook or Be Cooked (Wii)
Hooked! Again: Real Motion Fishing (Wii)
Imagine: Babyz Fashion (DS)
Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier (PSP, PS2)
Jewel Master: Egypt (DS)
Jurassic: The Hunted (360, PS2, PS3, Wii)
Lego Rock Band (360, Wii, DS, PS3)
My Baby 1st Steps (DS, Wii)
Ni Hao Kai-Lan: New Year’s Celebration (DS)
Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 (360, PS3)
Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron (DS, PSP)
Star Wars The Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sith Edition (PS3, PC, 360)
Ultimate Party Challenge (Wii)
We Cheer 2 (Wii)
WireWay (DS)

Wednesday (Nov. 4)
Yoga for Wii (Wii)
Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders (DS)

Friday (Nov. 6)
We Wish You A Merry Christmas (Wii)
Buck Fever (Wii)

And just a quick reminder to all bargain hunters: Target is running a buy two get one free deal on all Wii games this week only.  Scoring three top titles for the price of two is always a good thing.  (Written by Nick Creature)


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