Kmart Black Friday Game Deals

Walmart isn’t the only store slashing prices on video games this month.  Kmart’s promising some big Black… err… Blue Friday deals as well.

Kmart’s day-after Thanksgiving sale prices include an Xbox 360 Elite bundle featuring the racing game Pure, Lego Batman, and a free copy of Halo 3: ODST for $299.   There’s also a Nintendo DSi bundle with 5 free games and a $25 Nintendo coupon for $170.  They also have some pretty sweet savings on new games.  For $39.99 you can pick up Dragon Age: Origins, Brutal Legend, and soon-to-be-released Left 4 Dead 2.

Not bad at all.  The best part is that these are just highlights.  There’s a ton of deals in the actual print ad.

Here are some select pages:




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2 thoughts on “Kmart Black Friday Game Deals

  1. For any one that never been to the Wal-Mart Black Friday need to go. Yes they got a bad rap for a tragedy last year but this year its going to be a lot more organized. With the way the economy is these days any penny saved can benefit you. I did go last year as well and got very nice things to give as Christmas gifts.

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