Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure DVD Review

At the request of Fairy Mary, Tinker Bell is assigned the task of designing a special scepter for displaying the one-of-a-kind blue moonstone. At the Autumn Revelry, the light from the harvest moon will strike the stone, creating a supply of pixie dust that the fairies need for flying. Tinker Bell’s best friend is Terrence whose clumsiness leads to the destruction of both the scepter and the stone. Soon afterwards, Tinker Bell’s anger destroys their friendship. Alone and unhappy, she must risk her life as she travels on a dangerous journey in search of a magical mirror that will hopefully restore the scepter and stone. She must find it in time for the Autumn Revelry or there will be no more pixie dust and life in Pixie Hollow will be drastically altered forever.

Everyone of all ages should see “Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure” because everyone needs a friend. This is definitely a heart-warming, family film from Walt Disney. It is a beautiful, sweet story that stresses the importance of friendship and forgiveness. A few harsh words can easily destroy the friendship you share with someone. But a few simple words – “Please forgive me.” – can easily restore it. Tinker Bell soon learns the errors of her ways when she encounters trolls, rats and other obstacles. The lost treasure that is referred to in the title is not the magic mirror that she seeks but the friendship she once shared with Terrence.

Destined to become another classic, “Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure” is romantic adventure that comes from the heart. I was pleasantly surprised. Having enjoyed this film, I must see the sequel, “Tinker Bell: A Winter Story;” its trailer is provided in the special features. I enjoyed the film’s bloopers, which were cute. The deleted scenes were roughly drawn sketches with voiceovers. They consisted of the vortex that endangers Tinker Bell’s flying machine; more antics from the trolls; Tinker Bell bravely threatening a bullfrog to spit out her firefly friend, Blaze; and a tearful goodbye when Blaze rejoins his family. Most of these scenes were heartwarming because they emphasized the importance of friendship.


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