Social Networking Goes (Xbox) Live Tomorrow

Social networking hits the Xbox 360 full-force tomorrow.  A new dashboard update brings console-tailored versions of Facebook, Twitter, and Last.FM to Xbox live.

Xbox Live general manager, Marc Whitten, has gone on the record saying that these aren’t merely PC ports of the popular social networking sites, but entirely new entertainment experiences:

“We look at things like Facebook and Twitter as amazing social experiences, but also entertainment. We didn’t want to copy and paste from the PC.”

Anyone else excited about being able to tweet from your console or seeing how many Facebook friends get converted into Xbox Live contacts?  If so, tomorrow’s your day.

(Written by Nick Creature)


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2 thoughts on “Social Networking Goes (Xbox) Live Tomorrow

  1. Still can’t get this to work.

    When I try and login to fb via xbox live, I get “user authentication failed”. I am using the right login, works on a PC or laptop, but not via XBL.

    Any ideas??

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