Pixar’s Up Blu-Ray Review

I was lucky enough to see an early screening of Pixar’s Up and wrote about this moving special movie HERE.

One of the most financially and critically successful films of the year, Up is a surefire must-see movie. This review covers the four-disc Blu-ray Digital Copy combo pack and it has a lot of great features to feast your eyes upon. Disc 1, includes the feature film and a made-for-this-release short called Dug’s Special Mission. Also included is the hilarious short that played with the movie in theaters – Partly Cloudy. The other features on disc one include Cine-Explore, an informative making-of documentary that has some of the crew, including the directors, venturing into Venezuela, and The Many Endings of Muntz, which looks at other ways the filmmakers planned to end the villain’s story. The second disc includes a scout badge game, a feature on Married Life, which shows an alternate/expanded view of Carl and Elle’s relationship and eight documentaries that focus on various aspects of the film. The documentaries are all pretty interesting as we get to see the voice behind Russell and how the directors evoked a strong, believable performance out of him, as well as inspirations for different parts of the story. The documentaries are great to watch! There are also a few other standard features included on the discs, including trailers and a digital copy of the film for your computer/iPod.

The Up four-disc Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital Copy combo pack is an excellent choice this holiday season and should be stuffed in everyones stocking whether they are young or old.  In my opinion, Pixar can do no wrong and each film improves visually and thematically.

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