The Fire Wire Holiday Gift Guide – Powermat Wireless Charging

The Powermat Home and Office mat ($99) is a great holiday suggestion for the portable gaming, cell phone or mp3 user in your home.  Alleviate the tangle of wires and chargers with this simple to use solution.

Powermat’s Wireless Charging System offers a clean, sleek and simple way to keep all those personal electronic devices charged, without a mess of cables. With the Powermat system, you choose a mat and then choose the receivers to match the devices you want to charge. Each mat includes a Universal Powercube receiver that allows you to charge hundreds of devices. You can also purchase receivers custom designed to fit on your devices, so you never need to remove them to use your device.

Connect your devices to Powermat Receivers (sold separately), and simply drop them on the Powermat to charge wirelessly, as fast or faster than the stock power adaptor. A unique sound lets you know a solid connection has been made (an additional sound is heard when you remove your device–both are adjustable and can be turned off), and an indicator light–also adjustable–is displayed while a device is charging.

Communication between the Powermat and Receivers allows the mat to give exactly enough power for exactly the right time. When a device is fully charged, power is shut off to that device, so no energy is wasted. If a device is used while on the mat, the system knows it–charging starts up again until you’ve got a full charge.

For legacy USB devices, or a quick charge while all your Receivers are in use, Powermats also feature a wired USB connection. It may not be wireless, but it’s better than finding another free power outlet.

Powermat custom Receivers are like a second skin for the device they charge, enabling access to all controls and keeping the design clean and simple. Receivers are available for iPods and iPhones, Nintendo DS, various Blackberry models, and more.

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